Spy Game

Spy Game

Tony Scott has come a long way since his directorial debut, The Hunger (1983). What a film! Of course since then, Scott has directed such films as Top Gun, Days Of Thunder as well as Crimson Tide and Enemy Of The State. These days I find it hard to imagine Scott directing the gorgeous Susan Sarandon and Catherine Deneuve at all.

Spy Game is his latest offering and is described as a location-driven thriller. It also provides an opportunity to have Robert Redford and Brad Pitt wave the flag for the US of A. This is a good old Cold War story told for the benefit of those in the audience who may have forgotten. So we have Redford on his last day on the job in the CIA having to confront his past before he can drive his Porsche into the sunset of retirement. The story traverses US operations in Vietnam, China, Berlin and the Middle East.

Spy Game is a real popcorn thriller that takes you on a journey of sorts even if the plot has more holes in it than a colander, is unbelievable, convoluted and ultimately predictable.

In the end, in a post-11 September world, Spy Game is reduced to American propaganda as we ponder whether love, or the US Marines, conquers all.

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