Last week we experienced an earth trine. I don’t know about you but I was gung-ho with clearing and transforming the energy in my house, fixing things that weren’t working and throwing out the old and useless.

This Tuesday we have another trine, but this one is an air trine. If an earth trine is practical and a water trine emotional, then an air trine will be mental.

No, it won’t be making you run off to the hospital with a straightjacket. A trine will always soothe other planetary effects that could be bombarding you with not so harmonious experiences.

The three planets and star signs that make up an air trine are the moon in Libra, Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini. These three amigos will help us dance a cosmic dance over the moon, across the stars and on to the Milky Way. In other words we could experience some pleasant mental gymnastics.

Watch the ideas come flooding into your mind, enjoy connecting and communicating with other people who will help stimulate this side of you and be amazed how easily you can construct sentences at the same time you are verbalising them. This short but sweet trine will feel a bit trippy.


Your thoughts will turn to your relationship with your siblings, other family and social circle. Circumstances may have altered that have caused you to re-think your position and involvement with the close people in your life. The effort that you make won’t go unnoticed.


Allow the other preoccupations of your mind to take a back seat, as your career needs to take priority. The energy of this trine is helping you to think creatively and idealistically with regards to what it is you want to do, and how you will go about it. You may not slide straight into the career of your choice, but you will get the ball rolling.


This is a time of increased mental activity, where many ideas will flow and you will absorb a lot of information easily. Study is well aspected, as are your creative abilities. This trine can also result in taking on more than you can handle. Maintain your focus and prioritise.


There has been a continuing theme over the last few months about resolving past issues. This period will give you the opportunity to remove some of the emotion from your circumstance and allow you time to think objectively. Constantly reminding yourself of hurtful experiences will leave you stuck in a loop.


Use this air trine like a conclusion to an issue that has hung around for a while regarding your relationships with the people in your life. Make sure you have thought it through thoroughly as this will place you in a position to get what you need. That doesn’t mean you can’t ask for what you want; just be prepared for the answer.


The pressure has been on in your working life, forcing you to consider different and innovative ways of doing things. Breaking down or changing old structures is necessary for career and business practice. You’re analytical by nature, so streamlining processes that suit all involved shouldn’t be a problem.


Try not to over-analyse your life and try not to get weighed down. There are a lot of changes ahead and you are probably faced with a few decisions at present. The trine will help your mental capabilities; just be cautious of overloading yourself. Take steps as they come and prioritise what’s most important to you.


As with your cousin, Cancer, issues from the past are coming to the surface. Your intuition will be strong and your dreams lucid. Pay attention, as you’re being given guidance as to what some of the problems may stem from. Knowing what the cause of a problem is, is halfway to resolving it.


You could be thinking big and dreaming big, with the current astrological climate. Business and career are prominent, so it could be that you are considering a partnership of some sort. Remain grounded, focused and ensure all bases are covered as there will be a tendency to think all is well.


Your skills and talents are accelerated and you may be considering how your work impacts others. You may discover that you gain a true sense of self worth from feeling good about helping people. This will lead on to further developments in your character and possibly new developments career-wise.


A sudden increase in self-awareness has shifted the way you view yourself in the world. You may not know how to express what you’re thinking, but this will come in time. There are a few more discoveries and alterations to happen yet. As with any education, especially learning about yourself, take your time to absorb it.


There may be some frustration on the domestic front and your feelings about this are out in the open. There is a lot of action going on in your subconscious zone which is helping you bridge the gap between the heart and the head. This will help convey your feelings with pinpoint accuracy.

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