On 20 April there is a full moon in Scorpio.

This particular full moon is also part of a grand earth trine which forms a kite-like shape. This is called a Grand Kite.

On its own, a full moon is soft but powerful, but this Sunday it will hold a punch. This is because four other heavenly bodies -“ Pluto, Saturn, the sun and Mercury -“ are beaming energy the moon’s way.

In general this will be a powerful constellation but the process that this influence brings will be happening before, during and after this formation.

Some of you might already be feeling this process as if on some level you have a need to discard something about yourself that isn’t working any more. This could be on a mental, emotional or physical level.

This process may have been taking place since the new moon which was a couple of weeks ago. The intensity of this metamorphosis will increase the closer the full moon gets.

Don’t worry -“ it’s all good. Change only hurts when we hold on or resist the change.


Your transformation zone is highlighted by this full moon. It’s time to instigate long overdue changes in a practical sense. Look at your values, your daily routines and how you want to project yourself in society. Take the good things from your past and take control of the present in order to set the future.


The past few months have given you much to work on. This is now the culmination of what you have learned, particularly about relationships. These can be of any kind, though more importantly your relationship with yourself. Take a look at where you have been self-sabotaging and release it.


Practicality is the key word for you this week. Working smarter and not harder will help to keep your sanity and health in check. If you feel you need to be juggling several different things at once, then try to balance that with as much quiet time as possible. Take some moments to go to your place of sanctuary.


If you aren’t afraid to get to the core of an issue, then go ahead and act. There is heavy emphasis on your determination, but keep in mind whether you are doing it for the good of all or for selfish reasons. Romance and self-expression are lit up by the moon this week so you could find yourself bearing it all for a little fun.


You need to be honest about your career and how secure you feel. Security doesn’t necessarily mean the job needs to be stable, but more so relates to your sense of satisfaction with it. Take care of your health too because Leos have a tendency to become sick when their creativity is stifled.


This full moon is forcing you to take a good, hard look at your thought processes and how they impact your life, health and relationships. This theme will continue until the end of next year, but the present moment is what counts. Strip everything back and analyse what you see.


Modesty doesn’t fit in with this full moon. You will benefit from true examination and giving credit where credit is due. There are a lot of skills and talents you possess, so start believing in them. Claim your authority and let that be your way of integrating the extra dimension of your character.


This is your full moon and highlights the individual that you are. Leading up to this point there have been enough examples of the direction life is taking you. This marks the end of a phase in your evolution and the beginning of something very good. This is an emotionally charged time so try to be objective.


The full moon in your subconscious zone gives way to dreams and fantasies or the need to escape. You may be overdoing a lot in your life and it doesn’t need to be that way. It’s a good time to assess if you are happy with how things are going and, if not, to make the necessary changes.


You need to have some honest fun and not take yourself so seriously. You could be a little power-crazed at the moment, thinking that the more you get on top of things the better it will be. On the contrary, that allows things to get power over you. This particularly relates to the groups and networks you associate with.


Don’t let go of the important things in your quest to improve your position in life. Status is important in today’s world, but so are the nearest and dearest to you. There are changes on the domestic scene and here the phrase work/life balance is more applicable than ever.


Your interactions with people will have taught you a great deal about yourself, if you were ready to receive the messages. You can’t buy the kind of education life has to give you right now. You will need to be painfully honest with yourself in order to break down the barriers that impeded your progress.

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