Last week we saw how Saturn is influencing us. This week Saturn trines with two other planets whose star signs are also in earth signs – Jupiter in Capricorn and the moon in Taurus.

A trine is a positive influence and being an earth trine it will bring about an energy of stability, pragmatism and practicality. So if Saturn is teaching us all different lessons, depending on our star sign, the trine will impregnate some good old common sense.

Whatever lesson is coming your way you’ll probably start to think, “Right, let’s get on with this.”

You’ll want to take the bull by the horns and ring that therapist, do that course, take the garbage out or clean your room – whatever you are putting off.

There is a quote from the movie The Weather Man that might help you with any dilemma you’re struggling with. It was spoken by Michael Caine’s character to his son, played by Nicholas Cage: “You know the hardest thing to do and the right thing to do are usually the same thing … To get anything of value you have to sacrifice.”


Practicality and sensibility are the best tools to use with this placement. Your job, your work ethic and your money-handling skills are all linked right now. Remain grounded and you will see steady growth. This planetary aspect bodes well for business matters but it will still require effort on your part.


There’s a strong feeling of responsibility to your creative endeavors that could see you working hard or questioning if you are in the right place. Putting things into perspective and using common sense will help guide you in the best way to proceed.


Unresolved issues from the past could be affecting your present day life. These may have presented themselves again in order for you to reconstruct your attitude or beliefs about them. If you are pragmatic in your approach, you could find a few answers or an easier way to reach a resolution.


Your thought patterns are still undergoing modification. However, the focus has shifted to love and relationships and how your groups and networks have impacted this. You’re an emotional sign so it’s natural that past hurts can influence future circumstances. Use this aspect’s energy in a rational sense.


This placement is still urging you to be sensible with your financial affairs. This is closely related to your beliefs about money that could impact on your ability to get ahead. It’s important to take an orderly and business-like attitude to achieve success, as taking care of business now will allow room for whatever is ahead.


While your individuality will be subject to Saturn’s influence for the next two years, this current aspect links your creativity, self-expression and romantic life to the mix. This process is trying to help you bring these things into alignment. It may be a hard task, but necessary all the same.


Viewing your past from a philosophical point of view can assist with the arduous task of facing your dark side. Transforming your feelings and allowing your inner self to suffer a proverbial death can give birth to a new individual … easier said than done. However, it’s something that does need to be done, for your own benefit.


You’re still adjusting your thoughts and feelings regarding your relationships. You may have ended a friendship or been re-defining the boundaries of a friendship, but now you need to feel comfortable with it. Holding onto any anger, resentment or frustration can cause more harm than good. Release it with compassion.


This aspect is a good one to help you with any plans and goals that relate to work and business. Continue to work diligently with the prior delays and setbacks and be practical in your dealings. You may not get the exact outcome you desire, but you can position yourself in order to get the most out of your circumstances.


Life is teaching you about who you want to be. You will change a lot over the next two years and the current astrological climate is giving you the first steps. If you make some mistakes along the way, then so be it. We learn from our mistakes. Continue to examine how you feel and try not to be too focused on your thoughts.


Your past holds some very important information that will aid the current transformative period. Examine old beliefs and see how they sit with your present life. Our beliefs and values must evolve in order for us to deal with our everyday situations and to maintain peace within ourselves.


Different people in our lives can mirror many different aspects of ourselves. Your one-on-one relationships, as well as your networks, will offer clues and assistance in determining what it is you want from your relationships and more importantly, what you deserve. Continue to explore what you want.

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