An astrological trine is a trinity of three planets that form a triangle together. This planetary alignment forms a very intense positive creative energy. The star signs these planets are in are the water signs Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. This is why it is called a water trine.
Being a water trine this trine has an emotional charge to it. Two of the planets are in retrograde which, as we saw two weeks ago with the Mercury retrograde, means that the planets are spinning in opposite directions. This, therefore, is a time to hold onto those creative ideas and allow them to further germinate in your mind, so keep nourishing them with positivity.
As we saw last week with the new moon in Scorpio this was an opportunity to plant new ideas. Now combine the energy of the new moon with the water trine and you have the support from the cosmos to further churn on your ideas. This trine will start to dissipate on 24 November. However, the emotional intensity will still be felt because one of the major planets, Mars, is still in retrograde. This is one of those pot-stewing times, mixing it all up.
This transit may present itself as intense passion concerning your home or sense of security, coupled with expressing changes and transformation of your private life. There is something that requires a lot of attention. You are supported in your decision to change, you just need to make the decision.
Your communication will be quite passionate. You may find yourself a source of inspiration to others as recent weeks have helped formulate a new attitude where personal interactions are concerned. Let your happiness be infectious and spread some cheer.
The energy of this trine sees you exploring new ways to be creative in the workplace and how you function as a person. There is also a focus on creating cohesion with work colleagues. Be aware of cash flow and play it safe for a while, carefully assessing what’s coming in and going out.
With direct involvement in this trine, your individuality, creativity and self-expression are amplified. Have education and travel been on your mind? Maybe that venture of self-discovery has started to peak. This phase can help add another dimension to your personality.
Themes throughout November concerning your home and security (work-related) would benefit from open, honest communication. Your subconscious is trying to tell you something and give you guidance on how to operate during this time. Stay focused on your goals and communicate clearly – get it off your chest.
This trine concerns relationships, social settings and your thoughts around these. If you choose to lay low and recharge this is a good time for it. Whatever you choose, your social networks will be supportive. If you need to call on friends, then do so. It’s a good time for talking and leaning on a few people.
This period will be intense for you where matters of assets (money and self-esteem), job and health are concerned. It has been up and down and it’s time to pull it into line. You do have the opportunity to position yourself nicely. Service to your self is important as it will benefit your health, self-esteem and career improvements.
The reassessment you’ve been going through in recent weeks will start to present itself in little changes. Your new attitude and behaviour may be a surprise to some. However, the changes are necessary. Give it time to settle, assimilate and for others to get used to it.
Much like your fire sign cousin, Leo, financial security and changes on the domestic front are in focus. Aligning these with your dreams or secret desires will take time, but you will make steady progress. Take care of what is in front of you and try not to get caught up in the details.
The emotional intensity of this trine will help you to understand your feelings. It’s important to develop confidence in your relationships, especially the relationship with yourself. This is the most important one of all and once you begin to understand it, you can find clarity where there was confusion.
If you have been given more responsibility at work, ensure that it doesn’t affect your health. Money matters will play a part as well. Achieving balance with work and play can help deal with increased responsibility. Feelings of solitude can arise, though you’re not alone. Turn to people to listen, not necessarily to fix the problem.
The trine will amplify creative changes. You are uncovering forgotten aspects within you. Watch that confidence levels don’t verge on egotistical, but you will be full of energy and focused on fun. You are learning that you, as an individual, are pretty good value and will externalise this in time. There are a few more discoveries to go.

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