From 19 to 28 May the sun is squaring with Saturn. With Saturn lurking around, there are always lessons to learn in specific areas of our lives. Over the next few weeks we will be made to be responsible and accountable for the way we express ourselves.

With the full moon in Scorpio from 20 to 22 May we may get easily irritated and behave in inappropriate or unhealthy ways to others. The repercussions of this will be felt over the sun squaring Saturn period.

So take the phone off the hook, shut your bedroom door and don’t speak to anyone. Just kidding!

This period will benefit those who are being influenced by a person who doesn’t know how to interact with others appropriately. It will be a trying time but Saturn tells us to persevere and eventually we will grow from the experience.

It is said that our strengths lie in our vulnerabilities, which means we shouldn’t resist the feedback others give about our behaviour; rather we should take it on the chin. Most people mean well so if more than a few people have said you’re acting like an ass, listen.


As the Sun moves into Gemini it makes a harsh angle to Saturn in Virgo. Your wellbeing will be more affected by your thoughts than you realise. This makes it quite important to keep a positive frame of mind for whatever is happening in your life. Embrace what comes rather than resist it.


Your values and beliefs will be questioned this week. This is healthy for a number of reasons. The challenge for you though is to discern what you are hearing, how you feel about it and the source the information is coming from. It’s okay to question yourself, as long as you figure out what and who to trust.


For some of you, your current circumstances seem to be drawn out and you are getting tired. This is good. When we are sick and tired of being sick and tired, things start to shift. It gets to a point where you are forced to act, change or reassess. Remain cautious though and don’t act out of desperation.


There is a lack of confidence in yourself because your thoughts are deceiving you. Start listening to valuable feedback provided from your friends and loved ones. It’s stuff that you know but fell out of touch with so remember how good it feels to believe in yourself. Some financial issues need attention also.


Just because someone else’s opinion differs from yours doesn’t mean they are wrong. You will be feeling more proud than usual and will be defiant if you feel threatened. You aren’t being threatened though; it just feels that way. Allow for the difference in opinion and let your moral compass guide you.


You have a hunch, but no solid information to back it up. This is a minor hurdle, for once you’ve given the hunch a name it’s easier to follow. Research, investigation and further contemplation will build your case. Aim to get yourself into a strong position before going into battle.


In some cases you feel like you’ve made a lot of progress, then something happens to make you second guess yourself. It’s the two steps forward and one step back scenario. These are not major setbacks, but when enough of them keep happening it tends to feel that way. You are closer than you think to your checkpoint.


Some things seem too good to be true and it makes us question their validity. Our suspicions can block us from seeing the real deal. Something that can help to relieve that and allow us to enjoy what’s happening is to think about the effort and hard work we’ve put in to get to where we are. Don’t deceive yourself.


It could be a question of love or fun. It could be the missing element to your current circumstances too. When we get busy and bogged down in the material factors of life, we tend to forget the simple things. Take time to remember the good things and go a step further to actually live them.


Your personal development continues and there has been a lot to deal with. Some of you have found solace in your circumstances and others have found this period to be hard work. The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to do it alone. Also remember that you don’t have to involve yourself in everything.


There is a lot of focus on relationships, including business, personal and intimate. It takes skill to balance all of them, making sure that enough attention is spread around. This is where your powers of discernment are crucial. Communication will be the most effective method of handling the above-mentioned.


You have no reason to feel insecure. Nor do you have reason to be negative about your lot. There are a lot of wonderful things happening to you, provided you have the ability to see them that way. That being said, it all points to perspective. Try looking at things from someone else’s point of view.

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