Touched by the French

Touched by the French

Camille stands above the host of try-hard pop princesses blindly following the trend of digging old songs out of the vault and covering them.

Her music is original and experimental, with similarities to Bj?clearly obvious on her latest album Music Hole.

It’s very different from the last album. I guess that the previous album was quite introspective -“ this one is more out looking, she said.

I was in a different mood when I was creating this one. I was touring for two years and I was in a different energy.

This album has more dance music and involved more people with a more festive energy.

Australian fans are likely to get to see the singer live in 2009. Until then we will have to be content with the album and new single, Gospel With No Lord.

She said the song was all about having faith not in God, but in the people around you.

It’s about human energy. I don’t have any favourite songs on the album because everything goes together and it needs all these elements, Camille said.

It’s about recreating the universe through music and what I relate to.

I sing half in French and English -“ some people can understand or not. After all music is a universal language. My identity is a mix of a lot of things.

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