Wrapped up in red

Wrapped up in red

The Bobby Goldsmith Foundation’s Red Scarf Appeal had an unexpected birth last year, but as it kicks off its second year, it has now become one of the community’s signature fundraising events.

Two years ago, BGF mounted a winter marketing campaign which promoted the organisation by turning the red ribbon AIDS symbol into a woollen scarf.

The red scarves became so popular that the marketing exercise was turned into a commercial enterprise last year when the scarves became available for sale. And so, the Red Scarf Appeal was born.

“This is one of the most important events of the year for us,” BGF president Fergus Kibble said. “It is all about the timing, as it is winter and cold and our clients’ costs go up in winter, and so this is a time of high need.”

Winter traditionally is a tough time for people living with HIV/AIDS, with the cost of heating bills breaking the budget for many of BGF’s 1200 clients.

Last year’s Red Scarf Appeal raised $35,000, and this year’s target is $45,000.

“Raising the money is important, but it is equally important to raise the awareness of the plight of positive people living below the poverty line who just don’t have the resources that many of us have,” BGF CEO Bev Lange said.

BGF is calling for support of the appeal by not only purchasing the wool and cashmere scarves, but also by selling them.

The red scarves are available for $20 from Aussie Boys, Darlinghurst and Westpac branches in Darlinghurst and Surry Hills. They can also be purchased online through www.bgf.org.au or on 1800 651 011.

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