New Dedicated Legal Service For LGBT Victorians Launched At Pride Centre

New Dedicated Legal Service For LGBT Victorians Launched At Pride Centre
Image: Q+Law Launch: Ryan Hsu, Claire Febey, Kristinem Olaris, Ro Allen, Jaclyn Symes, Todd Fernando and Paula Fernandez.

Q+Law, a dedicated new service for LGBTQI Victorians who are looking for legal assistance, was launched on Wednesday at the Victorian Pride Centre. 

The community-led legal service was officially inaugurated by Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes MP and Commissioner for LGBTIQ+ Communities, Dr. Todd Fernando. 

Q+Law, spearheaded by Fitzroy Legal Service in collaboration with Queerspace and Drummond Street Services, has been operating since July 2023 and has already helped over 80 LGBTQI Victorians. 

“Q+Law aims to create a safe and supportive environment for all LGBTIQA+ Victorian accessing legal support. Our program aims to alleviate barriers LGBTIQA+ people face in accessing support by fostering an inclusive, non-judgmental and LGBTIQA+ affirming environment,” Ryan Hsu, Director of Q+Law Service said in a statement. 

For LGBTQI Victorians 

Q+Law will operate from the Pride Centre, Australia’s first purpose-built LGBTQI community hub, in St Kilda. There will be outreach programs in Carlton and Reservoir, and referrals will be available statewide for LGBTQI Victorians. 

 The services include  discrimination and harassment cases, “challenges impacting trans and gender-diverse individuals, such as changes to identity documents and access to health services and support in matters concerning family violence, family law, criminal law, employment law and tenancy law.”

Every Victorian has a role to play in making Victoria a safe and welcoming place for all LGBTIQ+ people. Within the government, we also have a duty to ensure we lead in making the laws, policies and services of our state safe for all,” said Symes in a post on Facebook. 

“I am proud that we are ensuring inclusive and accessible services are available to meet the diverse needs of LGBTIQ+ people, families and communities.”

For more details on how to access Q+Law service, visit the website here. 

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