OnlyFans Star & Former Bachelorette Contestant Josh Seiter Says He Is Dating A Man

OnlyFans Star & Former Bachelorette Contestant Josh Seiter Says He Is Dating A Man
Image: Josh Seiter. Images: Instagram

Reality television star and former The Bachelorette contestant Josh Seiter has found love and is now dating a man. 

The Season 11 Bachelorette contestant told TV Shows Ace, that he had a new romantic partner who was a man. Seiter’s boyfriend, David, is an exotic dancer and the couple have been dating on and off since November last year. 

Seiter spoke openly about his sexuality and his refusal to be categorised into a singular label. He told TV Shows Ace that he identifies as pansexual. In another interview with Instinct magazine, Seiter said he is bisexual. 

“I don’t like labels and I don’t like being put into tiny boxes or categories. I would say I identify as Pansexual. I love everybody equally regardless of gender… I am seeing a guy now and things are going really well,” Seiter said.

Seiter reflected on his romantic experiences, stating that he had had “a lot of disastrous relationships with women lately” and was excited to “finally be in a healthy relationship”. 

Being A Male Stripper


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Speaking to the Daily Soap Dish, the Bachelorette star said that he always felt comfortable with the idea of pansexuality, even before he knew of the term’s existence. 

“I always found myself attracted to people based on their spirit and personalities, and it never seems to strictly follow any gender,” he said. Seiter described his new partner as a “masculine man” like himself, who was “extremely smart and funny”. 

The couple worked together as strippers touring the United States and Seiter emphasised that the shared experience had resulted in bringing the pair closer together, increasing the “attraction” between them. 

“We both make a living taking our clothes off and it’s hard not to be turned on by that. He’s also young and very driven. Those are qualities I find attractive in anyone, regardless of their gender. David would prefer not to be in the spotlight,” Seiter said. 

“He prides himself on his masculinity and being a male stripper…This relationship is head and shoulders more healthy than any of my past public relationships. We laugh together, we work together, and do a lot of other things together,” Seiter said, calling David his ‘partner in crime’. 

Attracted To Men And Women

In the interview with Instinct magazine, Seiter explained that he was attracted to both men and women.

“I’m attracted to men and women, and honestly, someone’s gender, their appearance, and what they do for work is the last thing I’m actively thinking about. I think more people would be attracted to both men and women if society didn’t condition us from childhood to only think a certain (heterosexual way). I think there are amazing things about women and amazing things about men. I don’t want to pick one; that’s why I choose both,” Seiter said.

Seiter posted to his Instagram story on Friday, counting down the days until he would be able to see his boyfriend David again.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Seiter revealed he had been receiving “more hate” than he had ever gotten in the past for recent news of his sexuality. “I don’t have to fit into any tidy boxes or labels. No, I’m not bi or gay. I am dating a man but I’m attracted to his soul not his gender”, one post read. His caption asked followers, “Am I wrong?”. 

Seiter has been embroiled in controversies in the past with one involving him experiencing public criticism after being accused of cheating on 90 Day Fiancé star Yolanda Leak when a woman came forward with screenshots showing the Reality tv star on dating app Bumble. 


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One response to “OnlyFans Star & Former Bachelorette Contestant Josh Seiter Says He Is Dating A Man”

  1. Oh! How the Militants will hate this. Just watch out for the abuse which will, almost inevitably flow. Some will claim they have been betrayed, some will say Josh is still trying to hide his sexuality. The idea of Pansexuality is great. Isn’t this what so many men who like to have sex with other men and women really are? They like the company, the sex, the personality without having to be pigeonholed to conform, to be sexually politically correct.