Twitter users have dubbed a gay teenager a “hero” after a viral video surfaced showing him he fighting back against his homophobic high school bully.

Jordan Steffy, a junior-year teenager at LaPorte High School in Indiana, went viral on Twitter this week after he shared a video of himself confronting and fighting a bully who mocked him for being gay and called him a f*ggot.

Since coming out as gay in the seventh grade, Steffy had been bullied by the same student nearly every day until he’d finally reached his limit.


Since the cathartic display of fisticuffs, a video of Steffy’s physical altercation has exploded on Twitter, garnering over 10 million views and praise from LGBTQI community members and allies.

The video shows the two boys arguing in a classroom before Steffy’s bully calls him a “f*ggot” and advances on him despite being asked to step back.

“Back the f*ck up out of my face, now,” Jordan is heard saying. “Cause I’m not playing with you.”

“Why you in my face, f*ggot?” the bully replies, advancing on him.

“Don’t f*cking play with me,” Jordan says. “Don’t f*cking do it.”

“Don’t f*cking put your hands on me f*ggot,” the bully replies, taking another step closer.

Since Steffy came out he’d experienced all forms of bullying and abuse, from hateful slurs to having food thrown at him at the cafeteria.

However, the situation reached a boiling point when, according to Steffy, a classmate posted a homophobic message on Snapchat using a photo of him.

Speaking to Insider, Steffy gave insight into his experiences with bullying and discussed the leadup to the video, saying that he knew it would be “the last time” that he’d let his bully torment him.

“He made an anti-gay post with a picture of me on it saying how he hated gays and a bunch of throwing up emojis all over it.

“I walked up to him and said ‘Why did you post this?’ He said ‘It was just a post.’ And I said ‘Well, it’s not just a post. It’s a post about me, saying how you dislike who I am, and I don’t appreciate that.’

“He went on to say ‘Okay, but what are you going to do about it?’ I said ‘I’m not going to deal with this, this is the last time I’m called anything.’ And then he said: ‘What are you going to do about it, faggot?’

“And that’s when I was like ‘No, I’m not doing this.'”

After the fight, Steffy was sent to the principal’s office and suspended, which prevents him from attending his school’s dance. While disappointed, Steffy said that he is glad that he stood up for himself, and anyone else who’s been the victim of bullying.

“I just got sick of it,” he told Insider.

“It’s crazy the amount of hatred I received just for liking who I like and being me.

“If I could take it back, personally, I would,” he said. “But I’m glad I stood up for myself. If you were in my shoes, you’d probably get sick of it and you’d want to stand up for yourself.”

Many Twitter users clearly sided with Steffy and the reason behind the virally entertaining scrag.

“When my junior high bully pushed me against the wall early in my freshman year of high school, I saw red and pushed back – not nearly as effectively as you!” one Twitter user wrote.

“He never bothered me again. I hope the word gets out to give you your space – I wish I had your guts 40 years ago!”




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