South Australia’s One Nation MLC Complains About Schools Teaching Children About Gay Marriages

South Australia’s One Nation MLC Complains About Schools Teaching Children About Gay Marriages
Image: South Australian MLC Sarah Game. Image: Facebook.

South Australian One Nation MLC Sarah Game has complained that her daughter’s school was teaching children about gay marriages. 

Game, a former veterinarian and mother of three, was elected to the South Australian Parliament in 2022. 

She shared a news story about South Australian Liberal Senator Alex Antic using an offensive anti-LGBTQI “grooming” slur to oppose an ABC show hosted by drag performer Courtney Act.

In the post, Game claimed that her four-year-old daughter had returned from school saying “girls marry girls & boys marry boys”.

MLC Says, Leave It To Parents

Game said she challenged her young daughter on the issue of gay marriages. “When I challenged her, she pointed to a poster she made in class with pictures and it was clear to me that she wasn’t aware that there is a more mainstream side of the story,” the MLC claimed. 

Game said that “such concepts” should be left to the parents to discuss with their children and schools should not teach them.

“Kids this young shouldn’t be taught such concepts at school. Leave it up to parents – who know best – to decide,” she said.

The Daily Mail reported that Game had refused to share the poster with the publication and said that she had not raised her concerns with the school.

‘Children Could Be Left Confused’

The social media post generated heated comments with some agreeing with Game, while others said that the school was not doing anything wrong. 

Game’s staffer responded to many of the comments. “We accept everybody as equals and teaching acceptance and respect is great. 100%,” said the staffer, adding, “What we don’t want, however, is control taken from parents concerning how their children are being educated. Any ideas and discussions of this nature need to come from the parents only. Otherwise, children could be left confused, along with other potential feelings that young people struggle with.”

One social media user commented on the post, saying, “This rubbish needs to be out of our schools, childcare and TV. These are adult only concepts.” Game responded: “Agreed.”

Game Questions Gender Affirmation Pathway

On November 1, 2022m Game had during question time in the SA Parliament, objected to a document titled ‘Gender diverse and intersex children and young people support procedure’ published by the state’s department of Education. The guidelines issued to schools spoke about creating an inclusive learning environment for intersex and gender diverse children.

Game questioned affirmation pathway that the document emphasised for trans and gender diverse children. 

“The drift from parental rights with one’s own child has gone too far,” Game told Parliament.  “I have met multiple parents who have a child on this journey. They love their child, but they are distressed and feel excluded from investigating anything other than an affirmation pathway,” the MLC claimed.


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