Uruguay to legalise same-sex marriage

Uruguay to legalise same-sex marriage

Chile’s El Mercurio newspaper has reported that the Uruguayan Parliament is considering legislation legalising same-sex marriage.

The bill is being driven by the country’s ruling coalition, the Frente Amplio which has a majority in both houses – giving it an excellent chance of succeeding.

The bill’s author, Frente Amplio MP, Sebastián Sabini (pictured), told the newspaper, “We do not focus so much on the issue of gay marriage but of equal marriage regardless of sex, gender or religion.”

The bill, would amend the country’s Civil Code to refer to spouses instead of husband and wife, meaning transgender and intersex people would also be covered, and would allow non-biological parents in a marriage to be given parental rights and obligations to their partners’ biological children.

Sabini said he had found, “good support and no opposition,” to the bill among his colleagues and the bill is expected to be passed in the next few months by the Uruguayan Chamber of Deputies and in its Senate before the end of the year.

Homosexuality has been legal in Uruguay since 1934, and the country became the first South American nation to create civil unions for same-sex couples in 2007.

Argentina became the first South American country to legalise same-sex marriage in 2010.

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12 responses to “Uruguay to legalise same-sex marriage”

  1. I dont know when this will happen, but it shows how the world is changing

    As an American I am embarrassed that my country is so opposed to gay marriage and our conservative republican party is trying to undo marriage in the few states that allow it.

    Obviously the issue iss that the religious xtian taliban know that once America embraces equality in civil marriage for gays, it will result in virtually every westernized country having gay marriage.

    And the monsters of Rome will be looked at with disdain and horror. Finally the church of the endless molestation of children will be destroyed. google “”[country name] – catholic church molestation”” and be horrified

    Also the church of the anything but holy inquisition. People by the tens of thousands were burned at the stake for daring to challenge the church, eg the earth was flat.

    And the church was that of Hitler, born adnd baptised catgholic in very catholic austria in 1888.

    See the following websites

    http://nobelifs.com/nazis.htm, http://nobeleifs.com/hitler.htm (lots of text here showing how hitler was and remained catholic)

    also more pix of catholic officials consorting with nazis http://alamoministries.com/content/english/Antichrist/nazigallery/photogallery.html

    a few of thousands of links about other church crimes…….

    (Vatican bank scandal)

    http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23369148-pope-led-cover-up-of-child-abuse-by-priests.do and cover up


  2. Me and mine will stick to the Greens also, just to annoy that woman and his Catholic majesty.

  3. Julia Gillard cares not about human rights, but lecturing us on the Bible, in the same way church hate groups did when AIDS first appeared.

    We are not even included in the Federal Equal Opportunity Act, and older members of our community have problems accessing nursing homes, let alone us having the right to marry.

    It is Federal Labor that is out of touch with ordinary Australians. Julia Gillard needs someone to knock on her door late at night and dump her from the party. Until then I am voting Green.

  4. Once, South America and homosexuality were an anathema. It was seen as backward, the land of machismo, homophobia, and endless military coups. So, if in ten years this part of the world can not only establish a stable democracy but also grant its citizens more rights than a wealthy, reasonably liberal, stable democracy- as well as tackle a far stronger tradition of machismo and homophobia- what then does this say about the strength of Australian democracy and its commitment to fundamental, unalienable rights for all?

  5. when other countries choose to legalise gay marriage and my country drags its heels, it makes me embarrased to be australian. ‘First world country’ indeed!?

  6. My name is Casey Cretcher, and I approve of this message. Too bad America can’t be as progressive as this.