Daniel, (‘No to mariage’, SSO #1067) you are entitled to your opinion but that does not give you the right to impose it on everyone else – that makes you little different to the fundamentalist religious types who aim to impose their belief system on the rest of society.

You may not agree with marriage for anyone, straight or gay, but that does not mean that you should prevent those who wish to get married from doing so.

I, too, see no need to get married, but that does not mean that I tell everyone around me that they shouldn’t.

Equality is just that, equality, and until same-sex couples are afforded the same rights as every other member of society we are not equal.

You may not want to get married, and that is your choice, but you should at least aspire to be treated equally by society. Currently you are not.



Daniel, I love your letter this week (‘No to marriage’, SSO 1067). Your letter is so spot on.

I have been fiercely debating this issue and many others for many years on what has happened to the gay community.

I have not and will not support the heterosexualisation, normalisation and breeding in the gay community. And no decent, respecting, wholesome gay man should.

This whole issue raises the ‘ultimate internalised homophobia’ of the gay community and how much they hate themselves. That is why they want to get married, have kids, and be normal like straights.

To solve this problem with the gay community would be to re-criminalise homosexuality. This would put an end to the gay community and then they will have no choice but to pretend to be heterosexual.

Or create a breakaway community for us gay men who just want to be gay only.

— John


Thanks so much for this article (‘Muslims march against homophobia’, SS0 1067)

I’m so sick of the media constantly portraying Muslims as evil homophobes. My extended Muslim family and close Muslim friends are some of the coolest and most open people I know about me being gay and they come to the same-sex marriage rallies. I guess they know a thing or two about discrimination.

— Mat


Interesting and compassionate article re Adam Hood and the ex-gay school of thought (Damien Stephens, ‘x+y=u’, SSO 1067).

Is this even legal? I would have thought this would be classified as hate speech and inciting prejudice, homophobic violence, etc.

I do not know if I believe in bisexuality in its clinical definition, as I wonder how can you be attracted to masculinity and femininity? I used to say I was bisexual as a teenager and I thought I was and yet now I realise I am gay.

I wonder if bi guys and girls (some of whom are mates) are not confused, however, that their sexuality is in a fluid space yet to ‘define itself’ toward attraction to either masculinity or femininity.

I have in all likeliness not expressed myself well, however, I observe how conflicted bi folk can be. Although nobody should be taught to feel ashamed of who they are, ever.

— Beechy


I am a gay psychologist who has had a great deal to do with this situation (‘Adam Hood’s tour goes ahead’,

It makes great sense that it went ‘underground’ and for me this felt quite OK. As they say in their article, it was contained to a small congregation. We are not vigilantes and against freedom of speech.

The great victory we as a community had with this issue was that it was no longer a public meeting where many new vulnerable people would be exposed to this irrational anti-intellectual and potentially psychologically very dangerous message.

Other great victories included the Catholic school that originally was going to unwittingly sponsor this event putting a post on their website saying they are not homophobic and that Adam Hood’s message is against their Christian values. Any young Christian same-sex attracted person would feel great comfort in reading this.

The other victory was that very publicly two mayors shut down the events as they hadn’t realised what it was about. This has sent a very powerful message that Australian society as a whole does not validate horrifically dangerous and homophobic events.

— Paul

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