Fact or fiction?

Fact or fiction?

There are those who claim gay men’s relationships don’t last.

Well, I know many couples who have been together for years. They’ve even traded in the IKEA furniture to fill their new apartment for the really expensive quality stuff.

Perhaps we abuse the term boyfriend, using it to refer to someone we might be seeing for only six weeks or so of good old between-the-sheets fun.

However, we often do start nesting, but it’s difficult to spot potential long-term relationships in the crowds. Unlike for singles, there really isn’t anywhere for couples to congregate.

I’ve spent some time looking in unusual places in the hope of finding myself a Mr Right. Heck, I have cruised coffee shops, Coles and even the Medicare office in the hope of finding myself a man willing to settle down into something warm and comfortable.

Last weekend I conducted a little experiment. I stood at a bar and expected nothing.
After all, they do say things happen when you aren’t looking for them.

Friday night wasn’t a success. I just put it down to first-night nerves and decided to give it a go, with more confidence, the next night.

I took up the same position on Saturday night, with a tad more confidence, and I stood, my eyes subtly darting from one side of the room to the other. Alas, I was left to myself most of the night. There was one moment when I thought I had hooked myself a beauty -“ unfortunately he just wanted to tell me I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe. Argh!

By Sunday I was less confident and decided the reason I had been unsuccessful the previous two nights was that Sleaze was on its way -“ and everyone wanted to be single for Sleaze.

Still, I think the fact is people are generally shy and approaching someone on the other side of the bar can be intimidating, especially if you have a fear of rejection.

But I don’t bite. So if you do see me sitting on a chair at a venue all alone and looking for company, come say hello and get to know me. I might be the man you’ve been looking for all these long years.

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