I noticed an exceptional amount of touching when I was working this weekend. Don’t get me wrong — I’m not frigid and enjoy the odd feel-up whenever I can but the invasion of personal space seemed to be on most people’s agenda.
There are a few NO-NOs when referring to touching and drag queens. There are a lot of GO-GOs as well but let’s cover the NO-NOs first.
Granted, down the front of most of our dresses are foam implants, but this doesn’t give you permission to grab a handful of a drag queen’s boob. It amazes me how many girls are the number one offenders, grabbing, and ripping at your top. When you push them away, you are met with “You can touch mine”. I would never disrespect someone like that, grabbing a handful when I saw fit. If you want to have a go, ask, if the answer is no, then you have to appreciate the drag queen from afar, no questions.
Another is the touching of my face. I’m no super clean freak, but it is a no-go zone for someone to touch my face. I’m wearing an inch of make-up, and the last thing I need is to reapply after someone has wiped it off. Also, I don’t know where their hands have been — straight from the toilet, smoking or even just touching the beep beep button at the traffic lights. A handful of germs all applied to my cheek, with a “But I’m a make-up artist” to make it all OK. I don’t care if you’re the Queen of England — no touching of the face, appreciate from afar.
It seems the stating of qualifications is all that is needed to turn into ‘Touchy Feely’. “I’m a hairdresser” is a great one as they pull a wad of hair from your head, or “I know Dallas” as the train of your dress is ripped from the back of you.
The beautiful picture you see most times isn’t exactly what is going on underneath all the dress, hair and make-up. There are many unseen tricks going on to make that picture perfect, so the odd unwanted hand or the grabbing of a dress could make it all come tumbling down.
Do as my grandmother always told us, “Keep your hands to yourself … unless you’re invited to do otherwise”.

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