T4T Transgender Showcase: What’s On In Queer Melbourne

T4T Transgender Showcase: What’s On In Queer Melbourne
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Back by popular demand, T4T Transgender Showcase brings the best Trans performers onstage for a celebration of pure and unbridled trans expression!

Host Anna Piper Scott is quick to admit that she doesn’t know much more than her audience does about what’s going to happen at the variety show she’s hosting, and that’s completely by design. The performers have been chosen because they’re amazing at what they do, be that drag, burlesque, comedy, music, dance or any other kind of art, and they’ve only been asked to do one thing: whatever they want. No need to hold back, no need to explain themselves, safe in the knowledge that their audience, production team, and co-stars are all trans or gender-non-conforming. Only the performer themself, and the producer of the show Olly Lawrence, aka Phlegm Fatale, know what is about to happen onstage, but everyone knows it’s going to be incredible.
With the lineup still being announced, June 8, will feature RassPutin, and Kitty Obsidian on June 9.
Not to be missed! “Cis people are allowed, but not encouraged”
When:  7.30pm–9pm, June 8 – 10, 2023

Where: The Victorian Pride Centre, 79-81 Fitzroy St, St Kilda

Tickets: $24-$30

Accessibility: The Victorian Pride Centre is Wheelchair Accessible, full accommodations are here.

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