Minus 18 Queer Youth Formal

Minus 18 Queer Youth Formal

Tickets are on sale for the annual Minus18 Queer Youth Formal, an affirming celebration of identity for young people (ages 12–19 only).

Hosted by the iconic Kween Kong, you just know that the queer youth formal will abundant with live performances, drag, special guests and an abundance of queer youth joy! Some activities and performers are still to be announced, but you know they’re going to be focused on making sure our LGBTQIA+ youth have the formal of their dreams!

The Minus18 site explains the importance of the Queer Youth Formal here:

“Despite how far we’ve come, two in three LGBTQIA+ young people still experience abuse just for being who they are. As a result, many won’t feel safe or supported to attend their school formal – an event which should be a joyous rite of passage for young people.

That’s why the Minus18 Queer Formal was born: to create a safe, supportive, pride-filled space for LGBTQIA+ youth to celebrate their identity, make friends, and connect with their community.”

Almost 10,000 young people have attended Minus18’s Queer Formals around Australia, which rely almost solely on donations.

Check out the gorgeous video from Minus 18’s Instagram to see an idea of some of last year’s activities.

When: July 6, 2024, 6.30 pm-10 pm
Where: The National Gallery of Victoria, 180 St Kilda Road, Melbourne
Tickets: FREE! Registration is essential, with one ticket per booking per person. If you miss out, don’t despair! Sign up for a chance at extra release or cancellation tickets!
Accessibility: This event is wheelchair accessible, and has a quiet space and all-gender bathrooms, youth workers will also be onsite.

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