Y is for:


When yoga started becoming popular in the Western world a decade or so ago, as with most trends, the gays were early adopters.

Was it the sexy, empowering poses that enticed queers down onto their yoga mats, or the full-body workout that toned their bodies to perfection?

One reason was certainly the fact Madonna became an early avid fan of the practice. Not only is she a walking advertisement for how amazing it can make you look, but most gay men and lesbians take her word as gospel (except when it comes to Kabbalah -“ gays are smarter than that).

If Kylie were to take it up there wouldn’t be a single gay not doing the downward dog right this minute.

Yoga -“ which roughly translates to union of the individual -“ was practised in India for ages before the rest of the world cottoned on to it.

The are many different forms of yoga, but most involve elements of meditation and contortion of the body into poses which are used to stretch and strengthen the body, massage the organs and liberate the mind. Sounds pretty gay to us.


Look at yourself. Do you have a corporate job but pride yourself on your expensive deconstructed jeans?

Are you out of suits and into Chuck Taylor All-Stars on the weekends? Is your iPod full of Scissor Sisters and White Stripes?

You might just be a Yupster.

An amalgamation of yuppie and hipster the Yupster phenomenon was first identified in the New York Post, which used the term to describe urban strivers with good jobs, mortgages (or ridiculously high rents), iPods and an interest in all things counter-culture.

A love for the film Garden State was a dead giveaway, the Post suggested.

Sydney has no shortage of this modern day yuppies, and the gays are leading the way as usual.

There he is -“ the international banker on the dance floor at Bad Dog, wearing his $200 Tsubi jeans teamed with an old $7 Bonds blue singlet.

Still confused?

Urbandictionary.com offers this definition: When your jeans cost more than your iPod and your coffee cost more than your t-shirt, you’re a yupster.

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