Aussie TikToker Unknowingly Interviews Baz Luhrmann On The Street

Aussie TikToker Unknowingly Interviews Baz Luhrmann On The Street
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In an unexpected twist of fate, Australian TikToker Georgia Godworth found herself interviewing renowned director Baz Luhrmann on the streets of Newtown, Sydney, without realising who he was.

The amusing encounter has since gone viral on TikTok.

Awkward Baz Luhrmann interview goes viral

Georgia Godworth was filming a casual street video when she approached a man in a green jacket to ask him some questions about relationships.

Little did she know, the man was Baz Luhrmann, the award-winning director behind films like “Moulin Rouge” and “The Great Gatsby.”

Luhrmann agreed to the interview, even starting off by directing the cameraman on where to place him for the best lighting, a clue the interviewer seemingly overlooked.

Unfazed by the impromptu interview, Luhrmann offered some thoughtful insights into his own approach to marriage after being asked if he was single by Godworth.

“During that journey of marriage, the person I’m married to and I found our own really genuine and authentic concept of what our contract to each other should be. But I think more importantly, marriage is not so much about what exists between you and another person, it’s about advertising to other people that you love and care as to what the dealio is.”

“My own general philosophy is, if you care about someone and they’re your friend, but they fall in love with someone else or they like someone, there has to be some degree of acceptance, it’s a contract of communication.” he said.

However Godworth appeared to talk over him several times and not entirely take in his comments.

“It’s a loose contract where you can fuck other people occasionally. Monogamy is hard long-term and you know people come into your life” she stated.

Appearing slightly perplexed Luhrmann stroked his chin saying, “Let me think about that. I’m not sure what that means.”

baz luhrmann
Image: Tiktok

She continued, “Occasionally you can have the open dialogue, whether that be a threesome, a foursome, an orgy.”

This prompted him to ask “what is the point of the conversation we’re having?”

The awkward and entertaining interview continued to its end offering amusement for many online.

Despite his celebrity status, Luhrmann was gracious and seemed to enjoy the spontaneous interaction.

At the end of the interview, he commented to his oblivious subject, “I usually don’t do interviews. But you know what? Happy to be a part of yours.”

“Guys I had no idea this was Baz Luhrmann.”

It wasn’t until later that Georgia Godworth realised the identity of her subject, prompting her to caption the video, “guys I had no idea this was Baz Luhrmann.”

The TikTok community had mixed reactions. Some criticised Georgia for not recognising Luhrmann.

One user wrote, “I feel like you shouldn’t work in media if you don’t know who Baz Luhrmann is. An insult to this genius.”

Another added, “This is really embarrassing for you. How do you not know him or his legendary wife Catherine Martin?”

However, others found the situation endearing and defended her.

“Walking down the street and bumping into Baz Luhrmann is so Australian” they mused.

“Girl, you’re lucky to interview the great Baz Luhrmann” wrote another.

The clip has now been viewed over 100,000 times on TikTok and nearly four millions times on X (Twitter).

Watch the full interview below.

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