Gay Pride: Documentary Series On Animal Homosexuality Upsets Conservatives

Gay Pride: Documentary Series On Animal Homosexuality Upsets Conservatives
Image: Source: Gary Whyte on Pexels

A new series from NBC called Queer Planet is providing fascinating looks at both homosexuality in the animal kingdom and at the people apparently incapable of even acknowledging that it exists. 

The trailer for the documentary series was released on May 17th and gave a preview of a “rich diversity of animal sexuality” with gay penguins, bisexual lions and sex-changing clownfish.

Despite the fact that there’s plenty of scientific basis for animals displaying homosexual behaviour (over 1500 species of animals, in fact), the trailer has caused intense outrage from conservatives who predictably think the series is pushing an agenda. 

Over at Sky News, Rowan Dean opened the segment by saying that the “wonderful world of woke brings us some great lefty lunacy” before passing it off to Rita Panahi.

“It’s an important issue,” she sarcastically commented, “I think we need more documentaries on the LGBTQIA++ community in the animal kingdom. I don’t know about you, but I want to hear more about those bisexual lions. What are they up to?” 

Responses to Queer Planet elsewhere

Sentiments are similar in the YouTube comments for the trailer, which has been overwhelmingly swamped with 4,000 dislikes. 

“This is actual insanity,” reads the top comment on the video, while a huge number of other comments insist that they’re going to delete their accounts in response to the trailer. Another user decries: “They’re coming for your kids. They’ve said that out loud and here is one of the many tools they are using.” 

Things are even more grim over on Twitter/X, where the account @EndWokeness shared the clip. To no one’s surprise, the worst people you can imagine have congregated in the replies to bemoan the end of Western civilization. 

Remotely reasonable comments like ones from user @Xnarkycritic that simply state that homosexuality in the animal kingdom is normal are hard to find in these replies. Hopefully the response will be less mind-numbing when the series actually releases.

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