The Gays Are Thirsty Over Paul Mescal & Pedro Pascal in ‘Gladiator 2’

The Gays Are Thirsty Over Paul Mescal & Pedro Pascal in ‘Gladiator 2’
Image: Pedro Pascal (left) and Paul Mescal (middle, right) in 'Gladiator 2'. Source: Aidan Monaghan/Paramount Pictures via @vanityfair on Twitter/X

The first pictures from the upcoming Gladiator 2 were released today in an exclusive first look from Vanity Fair, featuring some intensely muscular photos of Paul Mescal and Pedro Pascal that have stirred much excitement, among other emotions…

Paul Mescal’s impressive physical transformation for the role of Lucius is fully on display in these images, and seem a far cry from his acclaimed roles in Normal People, Aftersun and the recent queer ghost story All Of Us Strangers. With arms and legs like tree trunks, Mescal looks to be shedding his reputation as a performer known only for sensitive performances. 

In fact, co-star and true ally Pedro Pascal (who’s also in top form as General Acacius) affectionately dubbed his co-star “Brick Wall Paul” to Vanity Fair. “He got so strong,” he said. “I would rather be thrown from a building than have to fight him again… Paul is a big reason as to why I put my poor body through that experience.”

A photo of the shirtless Mescal pushing a lever with great effort sent Twitter/X users into a fit. One user put it rather plainly: “I’m gonna be moaning in the theatre.” “What’s crazy is that he looks Roman for real,” said another, echoing Mescal’s sentiments that his nose is “just kind of Roman.”

Meanwhile, the Pedro Pascal camp were also fed by the first photos. “I literally gasped,” commented one user, while general sentiment can be reflected in this particularly colourful tweet:

The first photo of Denzel Washington as Macrinus also created further hype and pleased a number of folks, with the screen legend’s remarkable outfit being of particular note. 

More info about Gladiator 2

The long-awaited sequel to 2000’s Gladiator sees director Ridley Scott return, but with an almost entirely new cast. Mescal was cast for the film in January 2023 after director Scott saw him in normal people, while Denzel Washington and Pascal joined in March 2023. Connie Nielsen and Djimon Hounsou were also confirmed to be reprising their roles from the first film. 

Gladiator 2 follows Lucius (Mescal), the son of former emperor Marcus Aurelius, after he’s sold into slavery after an invasion in Numidia by General Acacius (Pascal). Inspired by the story of Russell Crowe’s Maximus, Lucius fights as a gladiator while opposing the co-Emperors Caracalla (Joseph Quinn) and Geta (Fred Hechinger).

Paul Mescal described the film as being about “What human beings will do to survive, but also what human beings will do to win… where’s the space for humanity? For love, familial connection? And ultimately, will those things overcome this greed and power? Those things are oftentimes directly in conflict with each other.”

Photos from Vanity Fair reveal that a conflict between Mescal and Pascal’s characters is inevitable in Gladiator 2, as both Lucius and Acacius push themselves to the limit to fight for what they believe in.

Gladiator 2 releases in Australian theatres on November 14, 2024, and the first trailer will drop on July 9.

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