Pop Erotic Artist Anita Is A Survivor

Pop Erotic Artist Anita Is A Survivor

Anita Nevar was raised in a religious doomsday cult and having escaped that highly traumatic experience has created a successful and lauded career as a self taught visual artist, using those experiences to fuel a passion for the creative arts to not only explore her own sexuality but help guide others to discover the joys of their own kinks and self explorations.

“Everyone deserves the basic human right to be their true selves,” says Anita. “I found my way through sexual repression, religious oppression and abuse to emerge a bold, fierce artist on a mission to sexually empower the world through artistic expression! There is beauty in us all. Celebrate your uniqueness… and your kinks. Be who you want to be… and love whom you want to love. No apologies!”

Anita has exhibited at a long list of galleries and festivals along the east coast of Australia in both solo and group exhibitions for almost 20 years, along with participation in a group exhibition, Sex Sells, in Chicago. She has been a finalist for several awards, including one internationally and had her artwork featured in Frisky Business, a reality television show about the UK’s largest online sex toy retailer. Her work was also featured in the 2008 Australian Big Brother house.

And this fearless Sunshine Coast based artist is ready to explode into the consciousness of the popular mainstream with a recently released documentary showcasing her work, a new painting series coming up and an explosive autobiography sure to make waves, it’s only a matter of time before this LGBTQI ally hits the even bigger time!

And Anita’s artwork is definitely evocative with colour palettes that slap your eyeballs awake, making them highly feature-able on your walls and stylishly compliments existing vibrancy – anyone with a love of bold colour choices and clean lines will get off on Anita’s unique style.

And the subject matters are transgressive too with images that will stay with you long after you’ve walked away! You can be sure that hanging these kinds of works in your home will certainly open up topics of conversations that your guests might not have been expecting at dinner that night!

Which is one of the more thrilling aspects of having the kind of taste that allows you the self confidence to hang such conversation starting masterpieces in your home in the first place!

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