Queer Ghost Drama ‘Bodyshop’ To Be Released On Digital Platforms

Queer Ghost Drama ‘Bodyshop’ To Be Released On Digital Platforms
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The trailer for Queer ghost drama, Bodyshop has been released. Written and directed by Hong Kong-based experimental filmmaker Scud (Adonis, Apostles), Bodyshop is set to be released on digital platforms, such as AppleTV, on December 6. 

‘By Possessing Living Bodies, He Meddles With The Romances Of Unfaithful Lovers’

Produced in Hong Kong, the synopsis for Bodyshop reads, “The ghost of a young soldier, who bids farewell to his mother and travels the world to see his transgender sister.

“By possessing living bodies, he meddles with the romances of unfaithful lovers along the way in Taiwan, Japan, Spain and Thailand. He meets a soul mate amid the massive protests of Hong Kong and they take shelter in a disguised garage, where human bodies are treated in a way beyond moral limits.”

Bodyshop stars Joel Leung (Floating City), Tank Liu(Apostles), Daniel Benjamin, Adonis He(Apostles), and Yu Hao Huang.

‘A Sensory Exploration Of Love, Loss, And The Consequences’

Bodyshop is being distributed by LGBTQ+ film distribution company Breaking Glass Pictures. 

Talking about the film, Breaking Glass Pictures said that Bodyshop “is not merely a film; it’s a sensory exploration of love, loss, and the consequences of navigating the tumultuous realms of the physical and metaphysical… a celebration of the human experience in all its multifaceted glory.”

The End Of A Career

The film marks the end of filmmaking for Scud, who announced their retirement earlier this year. 

Scud’s final two films will be Bodyshop and Apostles.

In an interview with Variety, the retiring filmmaker said, “After 16 years, I’m quitting the active pursuit of filmmaking. What remains in my career will be the distribution of ‘Bodyshop’ and ‘Apostles,’ my 8th and 9th film made… It’s been like an eternal dream inevitably waking up to the dire reality. One last film before leaving Hong Kong potentially for good.”

Scud went on to say, “I’ve given my all and feel the exhaustions in all aspects, with nothing feasible for me to aspire for. I was also inspired by the retirement of Ashley Barty, my countrywoman [and] an invincible tennis player.”

Bodyshop will be available to stream digitally from December 6.

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