Lesbian ‘The Boys’ Actress Valorie Curry Glad She’s Mocking The Alt-Right 

Lesbian ‘The Boys’ Actress Valorie Curry Glad She’s Mocking The Alt-Right 
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Ultra right-wing nutjob supe Firecracker is one of the latest characters to join the cast of The Boys in season 4, and actress Valorie Curry is elated to be mocking her character and the people she represents in real-life. 

Introduced in the latest season of Amazon’s satirical superhero show, Firecracker is shaping up to be a powerful antagonist this season as she begins spouting conspiracy theories and anti-LGBTQI+ rhetoric in the show. Mirroring Trump-era politics, the show is commenting on the way that politicians hold sway over followers increasingly detached from reality.

Speaking to The Advocate, Curry said that she loves playing Firecracker because “I think it should be one of our own that gets to make an ass out of her, that gets to satirise and make a clown out of her.” 

“And also, to lampoon these people and their absurdity and their ignorance and their violence, I’m glad it’s coming from within the community, getting to take these shots.” 

The Boys has never shied away about including incisive commentary on the real world, with series villian Homelander reflecting the height of American fascism and an early storyline openly tackling sexual assault post-#MeToo. 

Now, in season 4, Firecracker is being used to reflect the real world hatred of hardcore Trump supporters like Kristi Noem and Lauren Boebert as she overtly punches down on the LGBTQI+ community. 

“Often some of the worst things that Firecracker says are quotes from elected officials,” says Curry, “and so I’m glad they didn’t make it general and they didn’t soften it. I hope it serves that purpose, to show really what’s happening. And yes, she is a joke, but this isn’t a joke.”

Right-wingers realise The Boys is making fun of them

Meanwhile, The Boys season 4 has been stirring up an alleged “controversy” for being politically charged, despite the fact that the show has been overtly mocking right-wing culture and politics since its debut in 2019. 

After being review-bombed on Rotten Tomatoes, the fourth season of the show currently sits at 51% with reviewers lamenting that the show has “gone downhill” or, even worse, gone woke. 

However, for showrunner Eric Kripke, that’s always been the point. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, he said that he’s perfectly fine if he loses audiences with his views.

New episodes of The Boys air every Thursday, with four episodes having already been released. 

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