Trixie Mattel Taking A Hiatus From Drag

Trixie Mattel Taking A Hiatus From Drag
Image: Source: @trixiemattel on Instagram

RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Trixie Mattel has revealed that she’ll be taking a well-deserved hiatus from drag in her first ever break. 

Speaking to Elle about her plans, Trixie explained: “I’m going on a three or four-month sabbatical: July, August, September and October. I’m not even doing social media, so I’m going to really be gone for a while. I’m probably not going to come back at the full speed of Trixie anymore.” 

“The Trixie we know, the Trixie that is on every YouTube video, on every show, and every TV show, I just can’t sustain that anymore.”

First appearing on Drag Race in season 7, Trixie made an indelible mark on the show and has since become one of the show’s most recognisable queens. This reputation was solidified when Trixie returned for All-Stars 3 and won. 

Trixie Mattel has one of the biggest cultural footprints of any drag queen, owing to her continued collaborations with Katya Zamolodchikova since the two met on Drag Race season 7. The duo have gone on tour, hosted numerous web series’ and podcasted together for years.

She explains how hard she had to work, originally coming from nothing to where she is today and feeling like she’s never had a chance to stop before now. 

It really is no stretch to say that Trixie has been working non-stop since her first appearance on Drag Race all those years ago, which has led the queen to feel some serious exhaustion. 

Trixie Mattel further explains her break

In the interview, Trixie further explained why she was planning to take her break. “This giant rat wheel that I’ve been running on, I need to pull back a lot. So it will be honestly this phase of everybody being like, ‘You’re everywhere. How do you do it?’ You do it by running yourself into the ground.” 

“I want a family, and I want a life, and I haven’t really had that. I’ll probably grow a beard,” she said. Throwing in a bit of sass, she added: “Besides, the other drag queens have been waiting for me to take my high heel off their throats for years. They love it when I get a sick day. Those fucking bitches love it when I get sick.” 

Rest up, Trixie – you’ve more than earnt this break!

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