Troye Sivan Drops New ‘Honey’ Remix EP and Teaches Americans ‘Poof Doof’ Slang

Troye Sivan Drops New ‘Honey’ Remix EP and Teaches Americans  ‘Poof Doof’ Slang
Image: Troye Sivan. Taken from Instagram @troyesivan

Troye Sivan’s latest announcement has set his fans abuzz with excitement as he unveils his ‘Honey’ Remix EP.

Following the success of “Rush,” “You Just Got Me Started,” and “One of Your Girls,” “Honey” emerges as the fourth single from the album. This release features three unique mixes by UK producer and DJ Mura Masa.

Every remix in this collection caters to a unique mood – Euphoria, Wonder, or Chill. 

The tracklisting for the Australian pop singer’s ‘Honey’ Remix EP is: 

  • Honey (Mura Masa Chill Remix)
  • Honey (Mura Masa Euphoria Remix)
  • Honey (Mura Masa Wonder Remix)
  • Honey (Single Version)
  • Honey

The new EP comes as Troye Sivan gets ready to begin a tour through Europe. The ‘Honey’ singer’s ‘Something To Give Each Other’ tour begins on May 29th in Portugal and concludes in the UK on June 28th.

Following his ‘Something to Give Each Other’ tour, Sivan will join forces with Charli XCX for a co-headlining tour across America. The ‘Sweat’ tour starts September 14th and runs through October 23rd. 

Troye Sivan teaches Americans ‘Poof Doof’ Slang

Earlier this month Sivan enlightened American audiences about the significance of Australian culture, introducing them to terms like “bush doofs” and “poof doofs.” 

During his appearance on the Late Show with Seth Meyers to promote his upcoming co-headlining US and Canadian tour with Charli XCX, the Perth-raised singer shed light on a uniquely Australian concept of fun.

“So, a ‘doof’ is a party, like (fist pumps) ‘doof, doof, doof’,” Sivan explained. 

“And then a bush doof is a doof in the bush”, he added .

“I don’t know if this is a slur in America … It’s fine [pointing to himself, referencing that he’s gay]. A poof doof is a gay party.”

The term “poof” is a homophobic slur however, many queer individuals have reclaimed it. Poof Doof is an event organiser known for hosting vibrant and inclusive parties welcoming people of all genders, sexual orientations, and identities.

Founded by director Anthony Hocking in Melbourne in 2011, Poof Doof has since solidified its reputation as Australia’s favourite queer party. The brand is well known for its appreciation of quality dance music and late nights in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Troye Sivan’s Revelations and TikTok Reactions

During the interview, the “1999” singers were asked if they had ever taken their parents to raves during their youth. Sivan clarified that he hadn’t brought his own mom and dad to raves. However, both of his parents had gone themselves. 

“I’ll get a video in the family group chat of my mum barefoot in some place going absolutely insane to music,” Sivan said.

Fans of the artist flooded Tiktok with comments poking fun at the ‘poof doof’ term, with some even suggesting a new song with that title. 

“Ok I need Charli and Troye to do a song called poof doof”, one Tiktok user wrote. 

Another user wrote, “I met Troye at poof doof in melb and i hedbutted (sic) accedently (sic) lol”. 

Troye Sivan’s latest album ‘One of Your Girls,’ earned him two Grammy nominations and four ARIA Awards. He also took home the top honour at the Australian Performing Rights Association (Apra) awards, winning song of the year for his track ‘Rush’. 

The singer is set to commence the first leg of his tour on May 29th. 

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