Insight on commercial surrogacy

Insight on commercial surrogacy

SBS forum program Insight will tonight look at the issue of commercial surrogacy.

Host Jenny Brockie will guide a discussion about the challenges, laws and ethics of the practice. The forum will bring together ethicists, legislators, surrogate mothers, infertile couples and children born through reproductive technologies, to voice their opinions on the topic.

Guests will include family law specialist Stephen Page, NSW Minister for Community Services Linda Burney and Sam Everingham, a Melbourne-based surrogacy advocate intending to become a parent with his partner Phil through a New Delhi-based surrogacy agency.

The debate will continue online at, where viewers can leave comments or ask guests their own questions in a live chat after the show. Twitter and Facebook followers can also join in the discussion.

Insight’s commerical surrogacy special will air on Tuesday, March 22 at 7.30pm on SBS ONE.

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3 responses to “Insight on commercial surrogacy”

  1. I was not lucky enough to view this programme, however, I would like to voice my opinion on this – I am a single mom of a son that is nearly 13 …. I was engaged to be married and had planned to have another child this year. Due to the break up and the newly aquired expenses i now have that i did not have in the emotional relationship that i was in – i now find myself back in a situation where i cannot look after my son properly (financially) so I was thinking why can’t I help someone with their dreams if they could help me look after my son better?
    I am a previous egg donor and find it hugely, emotionally rewarding to be able to help people in this regard as i know so many people that are part of adoption programms that are now too old to adopt, however they have been waiting for someone to choose their profile….
    I would like to help but Commercial surrogacy is frowned upon – what options does that leave me …?

  2. i was longing to ask the same question of Dr Renate Klien, she showed no compassion for childless couple at all. I too found her opinions self serving. clearly she nor Linda Burney have been close to couples who find themselves in this heartbreaking situation.

  3. I appreciated your program tonight, admire the people who have given children a chance at life.
    My only questions are addressed to Dr Renate Klien –
    does she have any children;
    how many;
    were they all from the same father;
    what is her current marital/relational status?
    I found her opions very self-serving!