Is it what you know, or who you know?

Is it what you know, or who you know?

Go West
with Beverly Buttercup

I can’t believe I didn’t win another DIVA. Now I really am a “has been”.

The awards this year had a fabulously ambiguous theme, of which I think only the committee really understood -“ but at least the girls tried. Some looked breathtaking whilst others looked like they’d been dragged (literally) through a hedge backwards.

Winners included our darling Maxi Shield (Queen of Hearts) for her ability to service the community, as well as former westie queen Tora Hymen who took out a total of three awards -“ congratulations, what a distance she’s come -“ from the trailer park in Mt Druitt, to the delights of Eveleigh Street (or somewhere near there-¦).

Queer Out West missed out this year on both an award and nomination. Perhaps we need to turn Gracie Lou into a puppet with a hand stuffed up her ass in order to get a look in? Crisco here we come!

There were other controversial decisions. If you sponsor an award -“ do you also get to pick the winner? Hmmm-¦ some food for thought.

On a personal level, my night was an absolute scream -“ I spent the entire night backstage, bailing up anyone and everyone to interview live on air for Queer Out West. A big thank you to all who participated -“ it made for a fabulous show.

In news outside the city, a few of the old girls including myself are heading up to Forster on Saturday 30th August to help with a fundraiser organised by the Coastal Castaways for prostate cancer. It’s set to be a massive event held at the Pacific Palms Club, so why not come along -“ take the four hour journey and join in the frivolity, and if you’re lucky I’ll even check your prostate.

Coming up closer to home on Sunday September 21st is the pride picnic #2 at Parramatta Park! Western Sydney cannot wait -“ last year was a blast with hundreds of queers attending. With activities, food, music and loads more – lock it in Eddie!

Queer Out West has just seen another jam packed month with guests including Rhys Bobridge (So you think you can dance), Mitzi Macintosh, Natasha Knowles, Vanity Faire, Candy Box, Tora Hymen and more! So stay tuned for even more excitement in September.

Drag gossip:
Do you know which drag queen recently turned up to a venue looking like she was covered in shoe polish and had the audacity to provide make up tips to the patrons?

Do you know which drag show with a thousand name changes, has now been postponed until warmer weather arrives?

Until next time gorgeous!

For more information on venues in western Sydney go to: (Queer Out West)

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