Mardi Gras Party poster released

Mardi Gras Party poster released

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras today released the poster for the 2012 Mardi Gras Party, which will have an amusement park theme dubbed “Mardigrasland”.

The poster features renowned Sydney performer Dallas Dellaforce as two theatrical creatures, superimposed through crosshatching.


Organisers say the poster is just a teaser for what will be a sexy ride through a night of music, dance and electrifying acts.

“With the artwork we were determined to create something that had the intensity you get from having a central character without it appealing to one single group in our community,” Mardi Gras Party director Damien Eames said.

“The hero face image was meant to evoke the spirit of a Willy Wonka or Queen of Hearts type character, blending genders but with an emphasis on the feminine,” Dellaforce said.

“I wanted this to be alluring, mysterious and fantastical, while incorporating a very fashion-based aesthetic.”

Dellaforce took inspiration from photographer and designer Jean-Paul Goude’s work with singer Grace Jones, when creating the more masculine background image.

“This character’s look was informed by clowns, jesters and harlequins but again taken to a more serious fashion vibe,” Dellaforce said.
Both images relied heavily on paper makeup and other textural detail.

“It had to have an ambiguity to it, so that it could appeal widely, asking more questions than it answers,” Eames said.

“Crucially, it had to be beautiful. I think Dallas, along with our creative agency Moon have created something inspiring. It really captures Mardigrasland, our attempt to bring the magic and excitement of the Parade into our party space to create an adult theme-park for our community and friends.

“Dallas is an amazing artist, model and creative powerhouse and we’re delighted with the result.”

Mardi Gras Party is the official post-Parade dance party, drawing thousands of people from around Australia and the world. This year there will be performances from top local and international DJs and performers including RuPaul, D.E. Experience, Sneaky Sound System, Chicane, Lee Dagger, JD Samson, DJ Lady Miss Kier and many more.

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  1. Ooh look.. the word ‘lesbian’ is there, in tiny letters right down on the bottom left corner.. They didn’t forget us after all :)