Balls Out Bingo Calendar Continues Its Cheeky Tradition

Balls Out Bingo Calendar Continues Its Cheeky Tradition

‘Balls Out Bingo’ may be the best event name ever imagined, as the evocative moniker conjures up so many images and works on so many levels!

And the first image you had was probably the closest, because Balls Out Bingo is as raunchy as it sounds – a fabulous drag queen doing naughty bingo calls assisted by a “ball boy” who, weirdly, ends up stripped of nearly all his modesty by the end of the game.

All presented to a raucous crowd of queer Queenslanders (and a smattering of New South Welsh people) at the Sportsman Hotel in Brisbane and pubs all around the southeast of Queensland, as far south as Ballina!


A Brisbane Tradition

Image: Balls Out Bingo Brisbane Facebook

Balls Out Bingo has been a bit of a Brisbane institution with over ten years under its belt and donations to the many causes that are not supported by the government along the way. So it’s not only a fun night out but also one that benefits many in the LGBTQI community. 

The Star Observer chatted via email with the organiser of Balls Out Bingo, Jan Thwaites, who spoke about the importance of contributing to the smaller community groups whilst entertaining a crowd at the same time.

“It is extremely important to us to support smaller causes in the LGBTQI community as they are often overlooked because they don’t have the flashy advertising or large staff base, and are mostly run by volunteers who don’t have the same opportunities or resources to submit funding applications.” 

“The smaller causes also are usually not given enough credit for the social support they provide and we feel social support and providing safe spaces for like minded people plays a big part in creating good mental health in people.”

The Balls Out Bingo Calendar!

And in a stroke of absolute genius, Balls Out Bingo has continued with its much loved calendar for 2022, a great way to ogle the balls, all year round, from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

The 2022 calendar, entitled Boys of Balls Out Bingo 2022 is available for pre-order and at $30 a pop, including postage, it’s a cheap perve and let’s face it, a Christmas gift that just keeps on giving. 

The calendar features newly released photos of ball boys from the past five years, all expertly shot by John Bortolin. Part of the proceeds from the calendars is being donated equally between ATSAQ, Brisbane Hustlers, Brisbane Tritons, Qld Camping Bears, BootCo and BrisBears.

“Unfortunately due to Covid19 and border closures, we were not able to actually do a photoshoot this year with our amazing photographer, John Bortolin.  John is the man behind Manscapes and if you have not seen his work you need to check it out,” Jan said.

“This year John and I have put together a selection of images from photoshoots from the past five years and made it a ‘Best of’ edition. John just brings out the best in the guys.”

Come Out And Be A Ball Boy!

This reporter wanted to hear if it was hard to find boys who were willing to get their balls out, so to speak.

“No it’s not usually difficult to find boys to help out and be our ball boys.  They do get quite nervous when they do their first night, but most are always happy to return and be a ball boy again.  Some of the guys have actually commented that being a ball boy has given them confidence to be happy with their bodies.”

“We are always looking for more guys to help out because we do so many venues now, so if anyone is interested they can just send me a message on the Balls Out Bingo Facebook page,” added Jan.

If you’re living in or visiting Brisbane, you can check out Gayleen Tuckwood hosting Balls Out Bingo at the Sportsman Hotel every Friday night from 8 pm – 10 pm. Or keep an eye on the B.O.B Facebook page for the south-east Queensland and Ballina locations and dates, which are hosted by Candy Surprise, winner of the Drag Performer of the Year at the Queen’s Ball Awards in Brisbane in 2018.


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