Community spotlight: getting to know drag performer Lidia Box

Community spotlight: getting to know drag performer Lidia Box

Each month we’ll champion two amazing drag queens, DJs, or community heroes in the gay scene. This month’s spotlight falls on drag icon Lidia Box.

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How did you come up with your drag name?

My drag name was given to me by my dear friend, Morgan. We started drag together while living in Kings Cross and performing at Les Girls.

Then after we got the drag bug, we started at the REX. We would throw our stuff out the window so our boyfriends wouldn’t know what we were doing. We’d get ready at each other’s house depending on whose partner wasn’t home.

What was your first time in drag like?

Amazing, in my head. Obviously it was visual pollution to the general public.

Who taught you how to tuck?

Aaahhhh tucking, I remember doing it as a kid and showing everybody on my street from my front veranda.

Who is your drag inspiration?

Simone Troy is and always will be my pure inspiration. Sadly we never worked together on stage, but we talked about doing it. I was her dresser for many years and she guided me with drag and always loaned me her gowns for shows.

Favourite song to lip-sync?

Anything Cher or Celine Dion. My drag career ends when they pass on. I was surprised by my partner with tickets to see Cher about ten years ago in Brisbane. At the beginning of the concert, when her overture started, I burst into tears and missed her first number through the tears and snot.

Most overrated song to lip-sync?

“Chain [bloody] Reaction”… grrr. Many of us girls have performed it and no doubt, we’ll have to do it again at some stage. You know what they say: ‘A dog always returns to its own vomit.’

Most embarrassing onstage story?

I was taped for a production show. It was summer. I was sweating.  Sweat and production show and tucking tape can only equal what looks like a strangled chicken neck down the leg of your stockings. Oh, and there was that time that I went whirling on to the glass stage at the Beat in Brisbane. Wearing a huge gold cape, just about to do a fabulous reveal, and then I stepped on the cape, went up into the air, and landed straight on my back.

What does a normal day look like for you?

I’m a site foreman for a commercial building company. I tie my natural blonde hair up with a sequin scrunchy. Apply a small amount of coral pink lippy. Slip into my tartan overalls and pop on my hard hat which in fact is just one of my hairdos.

Advice for younger drag queens?

The queen you teach today is only going to take your job tomorrow.

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