Hey Gaymers!: Rick and Morty, State of Decay, Zelda and Donkey Kong

Hey Gaymers!: Rick and Morty, State of Decay, Zelda and Donkey Kong

May the fourth be with you during this holy month. Unfortunately, there are no Star Wars games out to coincide with my reference but I felt my fellow nerds would appreciate the reference nonetheless.

May is as always an incredible month for games, and I’ve got your back.

I haven’t yet talked about the Playstation VR system, mostly because I haven’t found a game that has really caught my eye.

However, this month one of my favourite television shows is finally hitting the console world: Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.

As any fan of the show would know, it always manages to surprise us with its extremely relevant pop culture references and real world similarities, and I doubt a game that literally places you in that world is any different.

I probably wouldn’t recommend buying such a pricey system just for this game, unless you already have one and feel this game would add value to your miserable Morty-style life.

I have a mate at work that has not shut up about an Xbox title hitting us this month called State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition.

I haven’t played many zombie games but this one has reviews piling in touting it as the best zombie survival game to date.

After checking out some of the features, it looks pretty detailed with a great four player co-op mode, along with stellar character development and skill-building.

Let’s be honest: I’ll probably give in and buy it just to talk shit on the party chat and kill endless hordes of zombies with my gaymer mates.

There are two ports being released on the Nintendo Switch this month, both epic games that simply didn’t get the attention they needed on the Wii U.

Firstly, Zelda: Hyrule Warriors, a definitive edition that includes all characters as well as a few new features. And secondly, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze.

As a huge Donkey Kong Country fan girl from back in the days of Super Nintendo, I feel we are very lucky to have the game released on a much more popular console that will help widen the audience.

This edition allows you to play as the whole Kong family, including (for the first time) Funky Kong. I have already finished this twice on the Wii U, but I can see myself saving the banana hoard once again.

Enjoy banana hunting and I will catch you all next month.

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