Beca Pressing On Beans Bar’s 1st Birthday & Supporting Queer Venues

Beca Pressing On Beans Bar’s 1st Birthday & Supporting Queer Venues
Image: Owner Beca Pressing at Beans Bar. Photo: Supplied

Beans Bar is the first of its kind in Melbourne – a dedicated space for women who like women, transgender and non-binary people, which prioritises accessibility and the needs of neurodivergent people. 

The owner of this lush, comforting queer space is the stunning and whip-smart Beca Pressing. 

A bisexual and neurodivergent woman herself, Beca saw the significant gap in the market; a need for this kind of space. And it all began because of a joke she made on Tiktok, of all things.

“I made a joke about starting a neurodivergent lesbian bar on Tiktok, which went viral,” says Beca.

She explains that of the thousands of comments, half were a buzz of queer excitement, people begging her to genuinely open the bar. The other half, as the internet is wont to do, was trolls telling Beca she shouldn’t – or wouldn’t be able to – do it.

“And as someone with ADHD, the best way to make sure I succeed at something is tell me I can’t do it,” she laughs. “I have zero background in business and had no idea how to open a bar – but I made it happen!”

But Beca says that queer venues are doing it tough right now, evidenced by the sheer number of our venues shuttering around the globe. “It was clear to me that a space like this was needed,” says Beca. “Especially now.” 

“As a community, we do need to make sure we’re supporting queer businesses,” she says. “I know with the cost of living crisis times are tough for all of us right now – but support is not just about spending money, it’s about community and showing up.”

There’s enormous power in our community’s collective strength – there’s nary a gay bar owner who would prefer just one person showing up and buying hundreds of dollars worth of expensive drinks, over 100 queers all showing up and each ordering a single happy hour pint.

“You don’t have to spend a lot. Even if you buy a single drink – you’ve shown up for us. That’s what matters.” 

Beans Bar Melbourne is turning one

This month Beans Bar is turning one year old, and the venue is hosting a day of birthday celebrations on May 25. From 2pm there’s a free ‘Makers Market’, with stalls featuring locally made items from LGBTQI+ designers and makers. Then in the evening there’s a house party, featuring live performances, goodies bags, prizes, and more.

‘1 Year of Beans’ is on May 25 at Beans Bar – 325 Smith Street, Fitzroy. You can find more details and buy tickets via

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