The World Of Kink: Agoraphilia AKA Public Nookie

The World Of Kink: Agoraphilia AKA Public Nookie
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Agoraphilia, the technical term for the sizzle of electricity that passes from your eyeballs to his and back again, only to emerge in your gut. Where the sexual tension you taste in the air builds and tells you that you’re in the right place – as if the shuffling prompted by the opening of the restroom door and the group of gentlemen nonchalantly milling about the urinals with very little actual urination going on wasn’t enough to clue you in. 

Or going on a “bush walk” with a Grindr date, which is actually a thinly veiled excuse to give each other a gobby on the go, in between dodging tree roots and fellow “bush walkers”, who are mostly out to actually walk the bush. 

“What if you got caught?!” was the fascinated question to that revelation – “I don’t know, to be honest! It’s never happened though I have had a few close calls but that’s the attraction, that’s what brings the excitement, the possibility of getting caught.”

The Possibility of Getting Caught is the fun of Agoraphilia

It’s a common theme the people that anonymously contributed to this piece shared between them and seemingly one of the main attractions to this particular kink, the technical term for which is Agoraphilia.

Agoraphilia, which is a Greek word made up of a combination of the word agora, meaning public place or assembly, and philia, meaning love or attraction – hence the urge to park a car and go down to the woods today, where you’ll be sure to find a big surprise!

Besides the obvious dangers of getting caught by the authorities and ending up with a smacked bottom, along with fines and depending on which Australian state in which you were getting publicly frisky in (or indeed, if you happened to be arrested for cottaging in England in the late eighties), a possible jail term.

Waiting And Willing

But other, less obvious issues can arise.

Like the shocking self revelation one contributor had about how much time one can while away whilst waiting for a toilet door to open. 

“It occurred to me out of the blue one day while sitting in a city toilet, waiting and willing the door to open and for someone, anyone to come in so that I could get my release and move on with my day, just how much time I spent in the pursuit of hot urinal action with a stranger and an erection,” said one contributor. 

“It actually really shocked me when I added it all up, enough to make me stop for a long time, though I sometimes can’t help walking into a random toilet hoping that I’ll be greeted by a burley gentleman with rough hands and a rougher disposition, who is lingering a little too long”

Beaches, not all of them nudist, can attract a certain crowd too. One contributor details dalliances amongst the rocks and bushes at a certain beach near Lismore, which apparently goes off during the annual Tropical Fruits New Years celebration in the Northern NSW area – you don’t have to wander far off the beaten track to find a willing co-conspirator!

What about sand!? 

“Yes, sand can be ouchy”

George Michael Made It Kinda More Acceptable

And we all remember George Michael, bless him, he who was caught red handed in a public toilet in Beverly Hills in 1998 and then wrote a hit pop song about the experience. Outside also ended up being his coming out song, confirming what many had whispered about for many years.

Michael’s decision to own the moment and turn it into one of power resulted in many with the same proclivities to relax within themselves a bit… and resolve to keep their eyes peeled for sneaky hot cops.

This is the first of an occasional series on The World Of Kink. 

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