Gay couple discovers love and ‘Mana’ in Tahiti

Gay couple discovers love and ‘Mana’ in Tahiti

GAY couple Thom and Jeff recently travelled to the islands of Tahiti where they were able to disconnect at a luxury resort on a beach hammock, immerse themselves in the islands’ vibrant culture, and challenge themselves with an outdoor adventure.

But they didn’t do it together.

In a fun and adventurous video they filmed on the trip, the couple went their separate ways to explore the islands, before reconnecting at night to watch what each other had experienced.

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The video was Episode 3 of the Two Stories/One Mana series, which helps to highlight the wonders ready to be explored in Tahiti.

Thom climbed aboard a 4×4 for an invigorating guided safari in the island’s scenic Maroto Valley.

He also went swimming with sharks in Moorea, and immersed himself in Tahitian culture by taking a soulful native music class taught by islanders.

Jeff took a horseback ride through scenic Moorea and rode through one of ‘the magical island’s’ famous and bountiful pineapple fields.

He also learned the popular tradition of cracking coconuts from local islanders and went scuba diving in Rangiroa.

After sharing their experiences with each other, Thom and Jeff learned new facets about themselves and the destination.

“I appreciated the chance to grow and get re-centred as individuals,” Thom said.

“The trip challenged us to leave our comfort zones, doing things we normally wouldn’t do.

“We got to surprise ourselves and each other, which I think made us stronger as a couple.”

The islands of Tahiti celebrate ‘Mana’, the life force that connects everything and inspires us to live in harmony within nature.

If you want to be like Thom and Jeff, Tahiti Tourisme Australia is casting for a couple or a family to write the next chapter of the series.

All you need to do is a video of 15 seconds with #TakeMeToTahiti. More information on:

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