A sporting frame of mind

A sporting frame of mind

It is time to leave behind those memories of primary school gymkhana hell and experience sport in an all-different and all-supportive environment.

With over a dozen sporting clubs coming together on 12 October, Sports Day Out is as much about presenting a statement of unity as it is about giving people a convenient opportunity to dabble in an array of sporting pastimes. For some, it means a return to sport after a long vacation, while for others, like James Saunders, it’s the perfect time to add something new to their sporting repertoire.

Saunders, a long-time rugby player, went to SDO last year to have fun, but walked away with a new passion -” volleyball.

There was an opportunity to play a game with Freezone on the day, so I thought I’d give it a shot and then they invited me to play. It was that simple, Saunders recalls.

I think the thing about SDO that makes it such a great experience is that it really is amazing to see what a huge range of gay and lesbian sporting clubs there are on offer.

There’s a friendly vibe around the day. I mean, no one’s going to judge you if you can’t play well and everyone’s happy to talk to you and help you out. So really, there’s no reason for anyone to feel intimidated. I’d recommend it for anyone who was even just thinking about picking up a sport.

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