ACON To Open LGBTQ+ Health Service In Sydney

ACON To Open LGBTQ+ Health Service In Sydney
Image: ACON staff with members of NSW Ministry of Health and local health services. Source: Kaleido Health Centre

ACON has announced that they are opening a new LGBTQ+ health centre in Sydney, called The Kaleido Centre, in spring 2024.

Built on Gadigal land in South Eveleigh’s Belltower Building, the centre will provide integrated and multi-disciplinary care for people sexuality and gender diverse people across NSW. 

The inner city location means that the Centre is connected to 14 different railway lines, being closest to Redfern station. 

Kaleido Health Centre’s focus is giving LGBTQ+ people access to a range of both primary and specialist health services, ranging from general practice and mental health support to sexual health services and gender-affirming health care. 

The Centre will employ a number of GPs, mental health professionals, nurses, peer workers and a number of specialists and allied health practitioners, enabling for different kinds of care in the local community.

A dedicated LGBTQ+ has been in development by ACON since 2016, and the opening of this centre marks an enormous development for LGBTQ+ health care in NSW, thanks to the support of the NSW Government, as well as a number of local health partners. 

The Belltower Building. Source: Kaleido Health Centre

Excitement from ACON and NSW Government

Deputy CEO Karen Price said of the Kaleido Centre: “Along with our sponsors and our partners, we are working hard to implement our plan to provide integrated, multidisciplinary care in a dedicated community space that is operated by community, for community.” 

“Our services are informed by experience, but also our purpose and passion, and we’re joined in this effort with some amazing leaders across New South Wales who are collaborating with us to deliver this vision.” 

NSW Minister for Health Ryan Park shared his excitement for the Centre’s role for the LGBTQ+ community: “Kaleido Health Centre will deliver inclusive, person-centred, integrated healthcare specifically for LGBTQ+ people across a range of different health services.” 

“I’m incredibly proud the New South Wales Government is providing funding for the new Kaleido Health Centre being established by ACON.” 

Meanwhile, Board Director Dr. Atari Metcalf shared thoughts on why a specialised health centre for the LGBTQ+ community is necessary.

“As a GP, but also as a trans person, I understand it can be really scary accessing health and it’s a really vulnerable place to be,” he said.

“What excites me about Kaleido Health is that this is a service that has been built with and for the LGBTQ+ community. 

“We’ve done extensive consultation with our LGBTQ people and we’ve listened to the needs in relation to their health care requirements. And importantly, the service really strives to provide culturally appropriate care.”

Hiring for positions at the centre is due to begin soon, and its official opening date in spring is yet to be announced.

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