Aerial Stunt Goes Wrong For Two Filipino Drag Performers

Aerial Stunt Goes Wrong For Two Filipino Drag Performers
Image: Izzy Xtra and Nique Manza have gone viral after their dramatic fall. Images: X/Instagram.

Two Filipino drag performers have gone viral after their daring aerial stunt went terribly wrong.

A video of the performers taking a crash landing after their cable snaps mid-air has shocked millions all over the world.

Lip-Syncing To The Song ‘Fly’ By Nicki Minaj And Rihanna.

On Sunday, November 26, drag artists Nique Manza and Izzy Xtra took to the stage prepared to shock audiences, but not in the way they expected.

The duo were lip-syncing to the song ‘Fly’ by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

Whilst starting on the ground, as the chorus of the song hit, telling them to “fly,” they attempted to do just that.

Manza and Xtra were quickly suspended in the air together, both being held by just one cable.

Crowds watched as they started to spin around in the air, holding hands and lip-syncing the lyrics like it was any other drag performance.

However, just as they were comfortable in the air, the cable snapped and caused both artists to come crashing to the floor.

In the video, you can see it all happen, including the crowd’s collective gasp as they hit the ground.

‘Working That Makeshift Rig Overtime’

The video started circulating online on November 27. It has since received over 5.6 million views on X alone, and has continued to gain audiences on Instagram and TikTok.

People in the comments on videos were mixed. Many were concerned for the performers, checking if anyone could confirm they were alright, whilst others expressed that they couldn’t help but have a laugh at it.

It was revealed the video was taken at O Bar in Manila, where their drag performers are known for similar stunts.

One of the original people to post the video, @diet_chola, followed their initial post with another video of performers “really working that makeshift rig overtime” the night after.

Performers Are ‘Alive’

With the instant virality, Manza and Xtra made sure to reassure audiences that they were okay following the performance.

Manza took to X saying, “HELLO LOVES, IZZY AND I ARE FINE. Minor injury only. But overall we [are] okay.”

They continued, “[Xtra] and I are still very much alive after the fall. We are still fighting because of that.”

Manza and Xtra confirmed they are still proceeding with performances despite the scare, returning to O Bar the night after.

As they say, “the show goes on,” and both artists are continuing to reach new heights after the viral fall.


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