AFLW Pride Game Kicks Off In Sydney

AFLW Pride Game Kicks Off In Sydney
Image: Sydney Swans AFLW, Brooke Lochland (Left). Images: Phil Hillyard/ Supplied (L) and Instagram (R)

This Sunday, October 29, AFLW Sydney and Collingwood teams face off in their annual Pride Game, celebrating inclusivity and diversity throughout Aussie Rules Football.

This celebrated round is a significant match for the Sydney Swans, being their first home Pride Game held at Henson Park in Marrickville.

Ahead of the match, Star Observer spoke with Sydney Swans AFLW player Brooke Lochland on the significance of the round and encouraging inclusivity amongst the sports industry and fans.

Lochland expressed the team’s excitement for the upcoming match following the great success throughout the season, but also with Pride Round being one of the most celebrated and speculated games.

“I’ve experienced [Pride] Round for many years throughout my career, and I know I say it every year, but it’s definitely my favourite round and has a lot of significance, obviously.”

“I guess that extra significance on the ground and to see our many happy smiling fans… to see the colours and the rainbows, it just brings that extra ‘feel’ to it. I’ve loved every Pride Round that I’ve played in.”

Inclusivity In Sport

Previously playing with the Melbourne Bulldogs before joining the Sydney Swans in 2022, Lochland anticipates the home Sydney game with the club to be another encouraging match for queer and allied fans.

She says the club encouraged inclusivity and is dedicated to “being a leader” amongst the sporting industry.

Along with the success of women’s sport throughout the year, Lochland says the success of the AFLW and Pride Round represents the core values held by the teams and their younger fans.

“I think what I love about AFLW is that we’re probably reading that space so well, and the girls across the whole competition feel like they can be themselves.”

“They’re showing who they are and sharing their stories. And I think that’s so important for the younger generation [to see].”



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Future Of Pride

Lochland describes the team’s inclusive manner, saying, “I love that we feel like we can be ourselves and and share our stories.”

She hopes that every player and fan can always feel welcomed to play and visit the club. Lochland encourages everyone to continue to help grow diversity amongst the sporting industry.

Noting the inclusive nature of women’s sports, including AFLW and soccer, Lochland says she would “love for that to be the same in the men’s space,”  with men feeling more “supported and encouraged” to express themselves.

The aim of the Pride Game is to represent that “Everyone is welcome at the footy,” saids the Sydney Swans website.

The Sydney Swans and Collingwood Magpies will compete in this Sunday’s Pride Game. The celebratory match will include a pre-game performance from The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir, and a half time show featuring drag artists.

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