Anti-gay message hits the road

Anti-gay message hits the road

A truck with mounted signage warning of the dangers of same-sex marriage to children and displaying a grown man embracing a young male child is making its way to Queensland to target ALP electorates with its anti-gay message.

Embarking on a ‘Queensland Election Prayer Rally Tour’, the billboard claims young children will be subjected to ‘homosexual sex-ed’ that it says is already happening in Europe and the US.

The truck will travel through Taree, Kempsey, Casino, Lismore, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, on its way to a major prayer rally at King George Square in the Brisbane CBD on March 22, two nights before the state election.

Spotted in Gosford yesterday on its way north, amateur images of the truck went viral on social media platforms with users overwhelmingly expressing disgust and outrage.

The truck’s signage directs readers to the website which is registered to Australian Heart Ministries and Warwick Marsh – the founder of the The Fatherhood Foundation.

Marsh was dumped as one of the Federal Government’s men’s health ambassadors in 2008 by then Health Minister Nicola Roxon over his anti-gay views.

Failed NSW Christian Democratic Party candidate Peter Madden is also involved in the truck’s tour. His website has been calling for donations to assist its journey and explains the inspiration behind its message.

“The billboard signage (9 metres x 3 metres) on the ‘Heal Our Land’ Truck, will send a very strong message as it travels to Brisbane and parks outside shopping centres in marginal ALP electorates to distribute the ‘Your Children at Risk’ document,” Madden’s website states.

“It is vital that we pray that God will have His way in Queensland in this election against the wickedness proposed by Anna Bligh and others (who have pushed hard for the evil agenda of homosexual marriage in Queensland, clearly aimed at Australian children and families).”

Queensland equal rights advocate Phil Browne slammed the Prayer Rally Tour as “vilification” and “derogatory and offensive to most Queenslanders.”

“[It] denigrates gays by promoting a skewed and inaccurate message,” he said.

“Brisbane is a peaceful tolerant city and Peter Madden is not welcome to promote misinformation, hate and division within the community.”

Browne called on Brisbane Lord Mayor Quirk to immediately cancel the planned prayer rally to show that Brisbane was a fair and tolerant progressive city.

Following the Queensland election, the billboard truck will return to Sydney the following Sunday for a Stand4Marriage rally in Hyde Park North on Sunday April 1.

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65 responses to “Anti-gay message hits the road”

  1. That truck doesn’t stand a chance if it is parked at the north end of Hyde Park. Who is with me to storm this truck and ruin it?

  2. Ahh Yes, cause Sex Ed from the Internet is SOOOOO much better for educating your child. Discrimination Much?

  3. I’m sick of hearing pro gay posts everywhere. If they don’t agree with gay marriage well thats their opinion, let them have it. These days if you say you dont agree you are almost cast out of society. If someone can advertise for gay marriage then its fair that others can advertise against it.

  4. How ironic, once again religion is being used to criticise and point the finger.
    It now turns out that gay=pedo;
    Love to know what the people to started this campaign of hatred say about all those priests that have been abusing children for years and the cover up by the church of this horrendous acts.
    What do these groups fear? that they get infected and become gay? are they actually repressed gays who don’t dare to come out? if they where so assured about their sexuality they would not be so scare as they do about something as natural and old.
    Do they actually fear that more gay people would come out leaving them with less children to abuse?
    These religious groups only create suffering to young people who are confused, is then religion=hatred?
    How very sad that they rather point at others before looking at themselves first.

  5. There is hope. He parks it illegally and without permission where ever he goes. So it is possible to ring your local council who will go and move him on or fine him. He has no right to park that thing in community car parks, across multiple spaces or on council land on the grass. You couldn’t dump a sign advertising for a shop or product without permission, same goes for his gross sign.

    Is a facebook group started to track his movement and keep it away from where it should be i.e. anywhere at all.

  6. How does same sexy marriage effect this jerk?
    I hope they’re paying the driver of that truck a lot of cash.
    Because to have anything to do with this disgusting close minded campaign, you have to be a complete lowlife or desperate for money.
    He is a pathetic piece if scum….
    Sadly I can’t say how I really feel about this since it’s a public forum…I’m sure we all agree.

  7. Here in Canada we have had same sex marriage for several years now. And guess what is happening here because of same sex marriage…..are you ready?….. ok… it comes. NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!!! Nothing, except that we have lower unemployment and a stronger economy than both the United States and Australia [varies by region]. Life went on. Hockey is still our national sport. Kids are just as safe as they always have been. People are NOT marrying their dogs or cats.

    Hang in there, Australia, things WILL get better.

    A proud Canadian.

  8. This is similar to the Nazi propoganda used against the Jews. Plain and simple. It is hated that is window-dressed as “concern for the children”. Meanwhile, almost every other day a story appears in the media about children being murdered by, you guessed it, HETEROSEXUALS.

  9. Hmmmmm I am torn between attending the rally to stand up for marriage or just reaching for some road spikes…

  10. I grew up in the 1970s being taught the mechanics of heterosexual sex in gruesome detail by a series of patchouli-scented hippies. Like algebra, it had no use in my later life.

  11. So just what are these terrible “FACTS” about sex education ?

    My guess is they say that some people are same sex attracted and that is OK.

    Pretty shocking stuff !

  12. As reprehensible as it is, this kind of extreme rhetoric probably makes more enemies for these so-called ‘defenders of marriage’ and more supporters for equal rights for same-sex attracted people.

    Having said that, I am so sorry for the hurt and anger this must cause so many people.

  13. If all the straight parents stopped have gay kids there would be no problem, for it’s not the gay couples having children!

  14. Prayer rally at Brisbane’s King George Square on March 22.

    Stand4Marriage rally in Sydney’s Hyde Park North on Sunday April 1.

    Sounds like two golden opportunities for our community to rally against the rednecks. I’m sure we could outshine, outnumber and outdo anything these nasty, selfish and narrowminded people could come up with.

    Love-in, anybody?

    Ed: We’ll be there – peacefully of course.

  15. Major Discrimination wow go back to darkened ages and Learn to love one another like the bible says Love one another. I’m sooooo outrage that this bigiotry still exsists in the 21st century. if u want to fight for wrong doings fight for millions of children that dont eat nor have a home clean water or fight against kony2012 leave our CIVIL rights alone I’m praying for those ppl who are against gay/lesbian/bi people as they OBVIOUSLY need to learn NOT TO JUDGE and SHOW LOVE TOWARDS ALL HUMANS !!! JOHN 3:16 FOR GOD hSO LOVED THE WORLD HE GAVE HIS SON THAT WHOSOEVER BELIEVES WILL HAVE EVER LASTING LIFE Jesus didn’t judge neither should you nor me nor anyone on this earth shall judge

  16. Guys – the advert and the website fail to have an Authorisation – email the Electoral Commission of Queensland and complain – with luck the bastards will be fined and stopped from using it…

    Email the ECQ and complain about the website breaching Queensland electoral guidlines at [email protected]

  17. I’m not sure how this advertising is within the law – the campaign is fraught with misinformation, not to mention that it is based purely on publicly vilifying a group & inciting hate. Pretty sure things would be different if there was a public ‘anti-christian’ campaign. Anti-Discrimination board website clearly shows that what they are doing is against the law.

  18. Really?! This is an extremely offensive to gay and lesbian community. Why can’t we just have peace in this world with equality rights and share the life we all live in this Earth?! What’s wrong with you anti-gays people!?!

  19. I just wrote this to [email protected], feel free to copy & paste

    Dear Sensible Man,

    I’d like to express how informative your website has been with exposing short sighted & closed minded some people in this society are. You’ve really impressed me with your lack of debate regarding the propaganda available, it really is quite humorous as how you’ve gone about such a campaign.

    Groups such as yourself are very quickly turned against on social media for many a good reason. The part that troubles me is you deeply believe in your cause, relying on unconfirmed statements from international sources to support your platform. Your trying to create awareness that appears to be going against the grain of societal trends.

    If you are to be successful at gaining support, I wish you the best of luck pertaining to keep such a ‘Changed Society’ under your rule. Freedom comes in many form. Whilst you are clearly more than capable of demonstrating this (care of your website), taking away these freedoms will probably result in further emails like this, possibly in bulk with a chance of your server being offline, taking away your freedom of speech, ironic?

    Yours Sincerely,
    Someone with even more sense…

  20. Nic, you may think you are very “progressive” by opposing marriage, but there’s nothing progressive at all about disrespecting others’ choice of life style. Like it or not, many ordinary men and women, gay or straight, want to get married. It up to them to decide how to live their lives, not you or the state. Stop imposing your way of life on others, no matter homophobic right wingers or elitists like you. In practise, your position of opposing marriage is very homophobic, whatever your reasoning is. Because it’s almost certain that marriage will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, hence for you to oppose marriage doesn’t affect straight people in any way practically, but such arguments do reduce support for gay marriage, ie you are effectively supporting the second class citizen status for gays.

  21. How tragic that there are bigoted, hate-filled folks around that believe this stuff. and

  22. If you go to their website you can read how misguided and utterly evil this group is. It’s a hate group, plain and simple. Spreading fear and misinformation for reasons that are illogical and nonsensical.
    You can almost see the doco’s from the future using this truck as an example of how backward some people were. Well, I hope so.
    Is the GLRL going to do their own truck? I’d drive it.

  23. The only true marriage equality is to.ban.all marriage. When a woman is given away as property of a man that is not equality. Stop pushing an antiquated system of marriage

  24. Their evidence doesn’t even make basic sense. Forgetting the inherent bigotry for a moment, the US is a country where many states have abstinence-only sex ed, and a number of lobby groups petition to have Intelligent Design taught during science class. Who on Earth is dumb enough to believe they have ‘homosexual sex ed classes’?

  25. Cant the police act to have this crap removed from the streets. Surely this is over the top same sex vilification. When was the last time anyone with an IQ over 10 thought the paedophilia and gay was the same thing.

  26. I want to be angry about this, but I’m too distracted by how attracted I am to the ‘father’ guy in the first picture…