Ava Tyson, MrBeast Star, Responds Hilariously To Absurd Conspiracy

Ava Tyson, MrBeast Star, Responds Hilariously To Absurd Conspiracy
Image: Source: @kristyson on Instagram

MrBeast crew member Ava Tyson has responded in hilarious fashion to a troll on Twitter/X who questioned the reason for her transitioning. 

Ava came out as trans in July 2023, and revealed she’d been on hormones since January of that year. Though Ava’s extremely public transition has been embraced by many, she’s also received plenty of bigoted hatred from her time in the public eye. 

Cue a lengthy tweet from an X user going by Mr Overprayed, who claimed that Ava ‘had everything’ pre-transition, and found it odd that she “just randomly” wanted to become trans. 

In a succinct response, Ava said: “Nice theory, but actually Disney shot me with the trans ray gun.” 

In a follow-up, she added: “This blew up way more than expected, it’s funny people will blow past the obvious point to make wild theories. Yes, I had what you would describe as ‘everything.’ It really goes to show who you are is something you can’t run away from, no matter what you have in life.”

Ava’s response received over 100x more likes than the original post, and she received plenty of praise for making light of such an absurd post. 

Genderqueer Twitch streamer Eret said: “It’s crazy the lengths some people will go to convince themselves that you shouldn’t exist! How does my life affect yours? Just let people be themselves!”

Journalist Ari Drennen added: “‘Have everything going for you… decides to transition anyway…’ They’re painfully close to getting it.” Ava responded, “It’s the lack of empathy, ironic from Mr Overprayed Christian man!” 

It’s not the first time that Ava’s had to shoot down trolls, shutting down the idea that transitioning ‘broke up’ her family. 

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