Ball steps up for beyondblue

Ball steps up for beyondblue

JasonBallGay AFL player Jason Ball became part of depression initiative beyondblue’s ambassador line-up last week, joining personalities including television presenter Jessica Rowe and Olympian Kyle Vander Kuyp.

Ball plays for Yarra Glen in Victoria and has been a passionate campaigner for anti-homophobia messages in sport.

He also marched in this year’s Pride March in Melbourne alongside Richmond midfielder Dan Jackson and Carlton’s Brock McLean.

“Hopefully, what I can bring is a personal story of what it’s like to be gay and play football and what homophobia looks like and how it affected me… It’s about stories that change hearts and minds,” Ball said in a statement.

“I know if I had known of a gay footballer when I was young, it would have made a world of difference to my outlook on life and my hopes for the future.”


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