Bottom’s Up! TikTok Chef Goes Viral With Bottom Friendly Recipes

Bottom’s Up! TikTok Chef Goes Viral With Bottom Friendly Recipes

The days of bottoms starving themselves for sex are over thanks to Tik Tok chef Alex Hall.

The Texan native has started a cooking channel called The Bottom’s Digest where he shares delicious recipes for people who engage in anal sex, that will leave them full and ready for spontaneous sex.

Launching his first episode at the start of June, Hall has already acquired over 28 thousand followers on TikTok.

“I had a feeling that an idea like this could blow up, but I was just gagged at how quickly it did,” Hall told Star Observer.

“I’ve noticed through the comments that some people have misunderstood what this channel is about. A lot of people in the comments section of TikTok will be like, I don’t care if there is poop on the tops dick, but that is not the point. The point is you (the bottom) don’t want to feel bloated, and you can feel confident in the bedroom.”

Family Recipes

Some of the recipes Hall is sharing with audiences are ones he was taught as a child.

“I started cooking very young because my mum worked in retail and she was also a waitress and very young herself. She started teaching me so I could cook for myself and my brother while she was at work.

“My Godmothers who are lesbians also loved to cook and they also taught me, but my granny who was from Louisiana, she was an amazing cook…and when we were going through her estate after she passed away I found out that she won all these state cooking competitions.”

“I definitely think it is the women in my life, my mum my granny and my two lesbian godmothers that got me into this cooking passion,” Hall said.

Over time, Hall has altered a lot of his family recipes to make them more “bottom friendly” and IBS friendly.

Experimenting With New Recipes

“When I was living in New York City I stopped buying meat because it was so expensive and I immediately noticed the benefits in the bedroom,” Hall said.

“I was already dairy free so I decided to change a lot of recipes I already cook like the ones my family taught me how to make.”

He has also been experimenting with new recipes for his channel, often inviting friends over for dinner parties to trial them.

“After the dinner party I get my guest to report back to me. I will ask them did you have a bad bathroom experience; did you feel bloated, did you have sex?”

Despite only making videos for just over a month Hall said he plans to make this cooking channel a full time career. “I definitely want to make this a company.”

A Batch Of Cookies

“My husband is the director, he does all the camera work and I do all the editing. Now we are branching out to make a team, like we want to bring on a nutritionist to help with recipes to make them more IBS friendly.”

As well as making videos, Hall has been making deliveries the past few months to help further
promote his channel.

“Right now, we are testing and making sure these recipes weren’t just working for me and also to get my name out there. But eventually the goal is to make it a paid service or even a Patreon service where if you donate a certain amount, I’ll send you a batch of cookies.”

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