Brand New LGBT Venue Set To Open On The Gold Coast

Brand New LGBT Venue Set To Open On The Gold Coast
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The Gold Coast has a long history of trying to establish successful LGBTQI venues, however, in 2023, the last venue shut its doors for good as Chameleon bid its final farewell to the community.

Not content to leave the Gold Coast community without a safe space to relax together, business owner Steven Fahd is set to launch his latest venture, Hairy Mary’s.

‘A Place That Celebrates You And Everything About You’

Situated just a stone’s throw from Pacific Fair shopping Centre, Hairy Mary’s will offer a new and unique space that caters to all members of our community.

“Welcome to our place, your place, where everyone is welcome. A place that celebrates you and everything about you. A safe place without judgement or labels where we can all let our hair down,” reads the mural adorning the walls of this new venue.

Inside, the modest venue features funky designs and a relaxing environment for socialising. Patrons can relax at the bar, sit and enjoy snacks with friends, or as the lights go down, jump on the dance floor to let their hair down. Hairy Mary’s will also host a variety of entertainment including local performances, DJ’s weekly trivia nights and even some cheeky Sunday sessions.

Having moved to the Gold Coast from interstate, Steven is determined to build a space that is created and designed with the community in mind.

“I have been here on the Gold Coast for over three years, and although I have found my people, there are a lot of us who haven’t done so yet and want a safe space to go and hangout, or just be with our partners and friends or family without judgement” he says of Hairy Mary’s.


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‘Extremely Excited To Be Opening Hairy Mary’s’

Steven is also conscious of the Gold Coast as an iconic location for travelers and wants to ensure that anyone living or visiting the Gold Coast has somewhere to go. “The Gold Coast gets a lot of visitors from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, WA and the Northern Territory and those visitors do not have a venue to go to and enjoy themselves” he says.

“I am extremely excited to be opening Hairy Mary’s here on the Gold Coast for the community as a whole and for all our families and friends.”

Whilst an opening date for the venue has yet to be set, it is expected to open before Christmas, with the new website for Hairy Mary’s now live and showcasing photos of this fabulous new venue.

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