‘Drag Race’ Star Carmen Carrera Says That ‘Pose’ Ripped Off Her Life Story

‘Drag Race’ Star Carmen Carrera Says That ‘Pose’ Ripped Off Her Life Story
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RuPaul’s Drag Race star Carmen Carrera has alleged that popular series Pose has used her life story without permission.

On X/Twitter, the model and transgender advocate said that a storyline about Angel Evangelista, played by Indya Moore, is eerily similar to her own, and that executive producer and director Janet Mock “completely ripped off” her life story.

She also claimed that she auditioned for the popular series, which is about New York City’s ball culture throughout the 1980s and 1990s, but producers never got back to her about the role.

“Sometimes with power comes oppression,” Carrera said on X/Twitter.

“Like how Janet & her writing team completely ripped off my real life storyline for Angel’s character on Pose.”

“I was always curious why Pose had 3 seasons & the biggest trans cast but had no spots for me.”

Carrera wrote the pose in direct response to being tagged in a thread on X alongside Mock, which spoke about honouring transgender women in media.

Carmen Carrera says Angel is based on her, not Tracey Norman

She continued on to say that press coverage for the popular implied that Angel’s storyline was about the life of Tracey Norman.

Norman was the first Black transgender woman to achieve mainstream success as a fashion model, but lost work after she was outed as trans.

“They made it seem in the media that it was the Tracy Norman story, however so many elements, twists & turns, didn’t match and the fans noticed it throughout,” she wrote.

“I mean listen, you want [to] rip my story off at least pay a girl.”

Carrera says Pose “went ghost” on her after audition

When asked for comment, Carrera told Entertainment Weekly that a storyline of Angel’s in season three of the show, in which she gets married and has a stepchild, more closely resembles her own story than it does Norman’s.

Carrera’s wedding to her partner Adrian Torres, who has a child from a previous relationship, was photographed by People Magazine and covered by dozens of other popular outlets.

Carrera has also had a successful career as a model, and even had a petition go viral in 2013 for her to be the first trans Victoria’s Secret model.

She continued in her comment to EW saying the show “went completely ghost” on her, after promising they would find a role for her on the series.

Pose was widely celebrated for having one of the largest trans casts of all time, and for casting transgender people in trans roles.

“Season 2 gets cast, Jiggly [Caliente] and [Peppermint] get on the show and they begin promoting the show as the biggest trans cast on TV,” Carrera told EW.

“Fast-forward to season 3 coming out and [Indya’s] character’s story taking a twist in storyline to getting married and having a stepchild, much to the confusion of the fans since those elements were never part of Tracey Norman’s story,” Carmen says.

“I’m all for telling the community’s stories and being accurate and true, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the real people who actually lived the story.”

At this stage, there has been no statement in response made by Janet Mock, Ryan Murphy, or the producers of Pose.

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