People Are Completely Baffled Over The Name of Darren Criss’ Newborn Son

People Are Completely Baffled Over The Name of Darren Criss’ Newborn Son
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Darren Criss has revealed the name of his newborn son, who was born June 3 – and people are completely bewildered by the unusual name.

Days after his announcement on social media, the Glee star – who recently also received backlash for referring to himself as “culturally queer” – is still copping waves of criticism over the name.

On Instagram, the excited father posted to Instagram to confirm that his wife Mia Swier had given birth.

“M & D just delivered their follow-up single. ⭐️ Brother László Criss ⭐️ 6/3/24,” he wrote in the caption, underneath the image of his newborn son wearing his sunglasses.

After people began commenting asking Criss if he meant that the child’s first name is Brother, he then edited the post to clarify:

“🎶 Out now. 🎶 … and yes his first name is Brother 💛.”


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Backlash to name of Darren Criss’ son rapid and ongoing

The backlash to the name ‘Brother’ was swift, and hasn’t let up in the handful of days since Criss posted the image to Instagram.

Top comments on the post, all of which have garnered hundreds of likes, include:

  • “girl what the fuck is up with that name 💀”
  • “Sorry but I am gonna judge a stranger’s baby on the internet. Brother?”
  • “Why would you do this to your kid???”
  • “Some people need to remember (or outright realise) their babies are actual human beings they are choosing to name 🤦🏻‍♀️😬.”

Others pointed out that the fact Criss had to edit the post to clarify after hundreds of people asked him if he’d actually named his son ‘Brother’, this meant that it’s probably not the greatest name choice.

“If you have to clarify that’s it’s his name maybe it shouldn’t be his name,” wrote one commenter.

“If you need to say “yes his name really is…”, chances are you picked a bad name,” wrote another.

“What is his future boyfriend/girlfriend going to call him?”

Others pointed out the difficulties Criss’ son is going to have when he grows up and starts dating. Their future romantic partner having to call them ‘Brother’ could result in some awkward moments, to say the least.

“The future girlfriend/boyfriend is gonna be calling him brother 😭,” one fan wrote on Instagram.

“‘Do you take Brother to be your lawfully wedded husband?’,” joked another.

People have also responded on Twitter/X, some with questions and plenty of others with jokes.

Darren Criss nor his partner Mia Swier have responded to the enormous response.

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