Equality Bill Introduced In NSW Parliament By Sydney Independent MP Alex Greenwich

Equality Bill Introduced In NSW Parliament By Sydney Independent MP Alex Greenwich
Image: Equality Australia X (Twitter)

Out gay Sydney Independent MP Alex Greenwich introduced his long-anticipated Equality Bill to the NSW Parliament this morning.

Speaking in the NSW Parliament, Greenwich explained just how imperative the Bill is to the health and well-being of LGBTQI people.

‘LGBTQIA+ People Exist, Are Struggling, Should Be Recognised And Protected’

“At the heart of the Equality Legislation Amendment: LGBTQIA+ Bill and the Conversion Practices Prohibition Bill is the truth that LGBTQIA+ people exist, are struggling, should be recognised and protected by law and allowed to thrive,” Greenwich said.

“It is emotionally destructive to be told that you are bad, sinful, to blame for who you are and that you need to change something intrinsic about yourself.”

Modelled After Similar Legislation In Other States

Modelled after similar legislation in other states, the comprehensive bill involves a range of reforms. It would ban discrimination against LGBTQI teachers and students in NSW private schools.

It would also ban gay conversion practices, complete the decriminalisation of sex work, make it a domestic violence offence to out or threaten to out an LGBTQ partner, and remove the surgery requirement in order for a person to update the sex on their birth certificate. 

‘Now Is The Time To Move NSW Forward’

In a statement, Greenwich explained, “This bill amends over 20 acts and creates the new prohibition of conversion practices act. The introduction of the bills represents the most holistic LGBTIQA+ reforms in the history of NSW.

“Now is the time to move NSW forward in the protection and recognition of the LGBTIQA+ community and I extend my thanks to my parliamentary colleagues for agreeing to fast track the introduction of the legislation.”

ACON CEO: Will Make NSW A Healthier and Safer State For LGBTQ People

The bill has the support of Queer advocacy groups, including  Equality Australia, ACON, and NSW Gender Centre.

In a statement to Star Observer early this week, ACON CEO Nicolas Parkhill said, ACON welcomes any legislation that protects our LGBTQ communities’ health and dignity. This legislation would make NSW a safer and healthier state for all LGBTQ people and their families, delivering reforms that are long overdue.

“We will work across the NSW Parliament to progress reforms which advance the human rights of people in our communities.”

In a post on X, Equality Australia called the introduction of the Bill “life-changing” and a “historic moment for our community.”

Greenwich’s Equality Bill has been in the works for 18 months.

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