Gay Furry Hackers Return, Leak Info From Conservative Think Tank

Gay Furry Hackers Return, Leak Info From Conservative Think Tank
Image: Source: SiegedSec

Self-proclaimed gay furry hackers SiegedSec have returned with seven major leaks in seven days this week, culminating in a major hack on the US-based conservative think tank Heritage Foundation where 200GB+ of data was leaked. 

Throughout the week, the group has hacked NATO, a number of Israeli technology companies and Amplify AI. The Heritage Foundation has prominent political influence in the US, and was targeted in particular for spearheading Project 2025, an ultra-conservative Christian nationalist plan that even Donald Trump has tried to distance himself from, despite his previous administration’s ties to the plan

Sharing the leaked data, SiegedSec said: “Project 2025 threatens the rights of abortion healthcare and LGBTQ+ communities in particular. So of course, we won’t stand for that!”

“I wonder what would happen if we leaked the passwords, email addresses, and full names of every user, every US government employee, even the Heritage president Kevin Roberts,” they continued, before linking to the said leak. 

Analyses of the leaked data by Jackie Singh reveal a number of strange tidbits for the Heritage Foundation, including a high number of Chinese IP addresses in the data – extra strange, considering one of Project 2025’s goals is “taking on China.”

SiegedSec also leaked chat logs with Mike Howell, executive director of the Foundation’s Oversight Project, who got in contact with the group following the leak.

vio, one of the group’s members, said to Howell: “We want to make a message and shine light on who exactly supports the heritage foundation. We don’t want anything more than that, not money and not fame. We’re strongly against Project 2025 and everything the Heritage Foundation stands for.”

Howell dropped any sense of professionalism pretty quickly, directing flagrant homophobia at them in the leaked logs while claiming that he had gotten the FBI involved. 

The future of SiegedSec

SiegedSec’s week of hacktivism has drawn more eyes on them than ever before, which resulted in the suspension of all their Twitter/X accounts – suggested as an attempt to bury the Heritage Foundation leak, according to vio.

As a result, SiegedSec announced their sudden disbandment earlier today (July 11) on their Telegram: “We planned to disband later today or tomorrow, but given the circumstances I believe it’s best we do so now. For our own mental health, the stress of mass publicity, and to avoid the eye of the FBI.” 

They said that they’ve now shared the rest of their public leaks, and have given a few others to journalists. However, they did say in their signoff: “We may not be a cybercriminal group anymore, but we will always be hackers and always be fighting for the rights of others.”

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