‘Gays should be able to marry in church’

‘Gays should be able to marry in church’

British Labour leader Ed Miliband has added his support to UK’s Out4Marriage campaign to introduce equal marriage rights for gay couples, saying that his party believes churches should be given the right to hold same-sex weddings – something which the government is not currently proposing.

“As leader of the Labour party, I’m delighted to add my voice to the campaign for equal marriage. I think whether you are gay or straight, you should be able to signify your commitment, your love with the term ‘marriage’, and so the Labour Party provides its whole hearted support for this campaign,” he said in the video.

“We will be pushing the government to get on with the process for legislating for equal marriage, and we’ll also be saying to them, where faith groups want to provide that opportunity for gay couples as well as straight couples, they should be able to do so.”

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